Use of insulin to increase muscle mass is contraindicated, warns specialist

It is a practice that some young people do without knowing the risk their health is at.

Dr. Marielly Sierra Mercado, board certified endocrinologist with private practice in Cayey and Santurce.

The use of insulin For aesthetic purposes during gym routines it is an error, as indicated by Dr. Marielly Sierra Mercado, a board certified endocrinologist with private practice in Cayey and Santurce, who indicated exclusively for Medicine and Public Health that it is contraindicated and represents a danger for those who have this type of practice.

“We know that the insulin is anabolic and promotes weight gain in people who are exercising, but this is not recommended, the insulin It is not used to build muscle because you really have to think about the long-term consequences, ”said the specialist.

He specified that a body with so many levels of insulin will become resistant to insulin and in the long term the consumer will suffer from pre-diabetes or diabetes “because the body will need more insulin. The pancreas is going to have to produce more insulin for it to take effect, that is, lower blood sugar levels.

In this sense, Sierra Mercado assured that the person who has this type of practice can end up in an emergency room or die from severe hypoglycemia.

“If the consumer is not diabetic, hypoglycemia would cause seizures or stroke in predisposed patients. It is not a game, you have to be very careful because the insulin it is not used to build muscle mass, ”he warned.

For his part, Dr. José García Mateo, president of the Puerto Rico Diabetology and Endocrinology Society, had already warned that this practice represents a risk to the lives of people who consume it unnecessarily.

García Mateo who specified that if someone does not need the insulin And it does it only to increase muscle mass, they will achieve nothing because it actually increases the risks, and that this should only be consumed under strict medical supervision to avoid future health problems.

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