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The singer Demi Lovato spoke about the learnings he has had in his recovery, as well as why not it is a friend of their ex-partners. The exestrella Disney is sincere about the limits on social networks and romantic relationships of the past in a chat with Jameela Jamil for the podcast “I Weigh”

The actress also said that she had a mistaken view on the need to improve the status with one person, but with time, she realized that it is best not to force things.

“I used to have this mentality that if you had a negative experience with someone, I always needed to repair it or I always had to fix things”commented on the american. “In fact, I’m not really a friend of any of my ex today, because I had to realize that that was not healthy”, added.

For Lovato, “try to maintain a close friendship with some ex-boyfriend” it is a little realistic. He said that one of the other learnings that we stopped the therapy is to eliminate “toxic people from life.” “If they are ex’s for a reason”, he added.

Another of the themes of which he spoke Demi Lovato it was on the limits that you now have in the social networks. “I had to learn that by not setting boundaries placed me in the position I was talking about every detail of every part of my life, whether it be a relationship or my recovery”, he said.

Now the situation has changed for the performer. He stated that realizing negative behaviors has helped her to heal. “I have been able to heal much, I have healed more in the last year and a half in the last six months that I gave him around the world preaching about the recovery”he confessed.

Finally he said to stay away from the media and the social networks have become more strong, since it does not give “reasons” for the break down later.


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