User who leaked Ariana Grande’s “Fantasize” to Spotify fined thousands

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After Ariana Grande’s unreleased song “Fantasize” was leaked on Spotify, the person responsible will reportedly be fined. According to the source of the information, the authorities fined him $10,000 and 48 hours of community service.

Ariana Grande’s “Fantasize” singer reportedly fined $10,000

For those who may not know, “Fantasize” is an unreleased demo from Ariana Grande. After the leak, the singer openly explained that it was not for any album. The title “Fantasize” is just a fan-made placeholder for the demo, as it doesn’t have an official title. According to Grande, she wrote the song for a comedy sketch about a girl group.

After the song went viral on TikTok, a person going by the name Adriana Venti uploaded it to Spotify without permission. The Spotify leak racked up over 70,000 plays earlier this month and even made it onto Spotify Daily’s top songs list in the Philippines before it was removed.

Now Adriana Venti has come forward on X and revealed that they were allegedly fined $10,000 as punishment for the leak.

“Hi. As you all know, I went to court yesterday. It didn’t go well, they published my tweets… the money I made from songs… and other information… but as they say, play the game stupid games, win stupid prizes!! Well I have to pay them $10k and do over 48 hours (of community service),” they wrote.

Upon learning of the leak, Grande asked fans to stop sharing the demo on streaming platforms. She also left a comment on the TikTok clip, saying the situation was “disappointing” as she had to “go back to that hook and end up using” it in a separate leaked track.

Fans are divided on this issue

Since Adriana Venti spoke about her situation, numerous fans have come to comment on the issue. X’s users appear to be divided on the punishment, with some supporting the music’s creator and wishing him well.

“I wish you all the best, Adriana. Things may look bad now, but everything will be fine in the end :),” one user replied.

Meanwhile, others believe Adriana Venti deserved to be put to death. One user responded to her post by saying that “she clearly did something she shouldn’t have done.”

“No one will feel sorry for you. Leaking music is already illegal, and adding money to it only makes it worse. y’all are so stupid, this is crazy,” one person wrote.

“You are lucky that you only received a fine of 10 thousand and CS. you deserve it because you made money from a job that is not yours,” another user commented.

Although many Ariana Grande fans have talked about this problem, it is unclear whether it is real. However, many fans agree that the leaker should be punished for releasing someone else’s music.

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