UTMB’s crown jewel, €23 million in revenue

fever for Trail running It reaches its highest point in Chamonix. For two decades, the Swiss Alps have been home to the world’s most famous off-road mountain races: Ultra Trail Mont-Blanc, Economic impact on the region to be €23 million by 2022Thank you to the more than 10,000 participants each year from around the world and the preparers, family and friends who travel with them. The race, which passes through 18 cities between the borders of Switzerland, France and Italy, brings together the sport’s best athletes, including four-time champion Killian Jornet, who will compete this week, Defeat François D’haene as Master of Discipline.

This game is a test of excellence Trail runningand after Ironman acquired the UTMB Group Has become final stage of UTMB series. The International Circuit was born two years ago when the promoters of mountain running events merged with the administrators of long-distance races specializing in triathlons. “We’re growing our business in all the mountains where we have community Trail running. UTMB CEO Frédéric Lénart said: “Our aim is to bring the UTMB experience to where runners live and promote the destination for trail runners who want to explore new territories and cultures.”

With this symbiotic relationship, the UTMB Series has around forty events throughout the year, more than half of which are held in continental Europe. Therefore, the manager’s goal is to go beyond the Old Continent and ensure that at this time “We mainly focus on Asia and North AmericaUTMB itself is responsible for organizing the most traditional tests, such as Ultra Trail Mont-Blanc and most of the tests held in mainland Europe, while Ironman uses its international expertise to manage tests held in the American continent. For logistical reasons, the company There are more facilities there.

UTMB World Series seeks to expand reach beyond Europe, focusing on Asia and North America

Although the calendar runs from February to December, Mont Blanc’s high season is in late August or early September.more in A version celebrating the 20th anniversary of the test. The race started in Chamonix and had around 10,000 participants of various formats from 118 different countries.

Contest The number of participants is limited to 10,000 Protect the natural environment where races are held and keep runners safe. The manager noted, “In 2020, we had 32,000 applicants for 10,000 slots across all races. This was one of the factors that created the UTMB World Series. We had to review the classification system to simplify the process for runners.”

In light of the high number of requests organizers have received, UTMB has introduced entry criteria requiring participants to have previously competed in other World Series events in order to earn a minimum number of points and earn running stones to enter the number bib draw. This allows athletes like Kilian Jornet to qualify by competing in other races such as the Eiger Supercross.

In the 2022 competition, the Catalan athlete set a new record with a time of less than 20 hours and received a prize of 10,000 euros. all, Test allocation of €156,000with top ten prizes ranging from €10,000 to €1,000 for each format.

Business growth goes hand in hand with Iron Man

The UTMB World Series has formed an important pool Sponsor for just two years.brand like Hoka, Wahoo, Buff, Compressport and Dacia Forms the sponsorship package for the World Series around the world. In fact, the Romanian car company has just become the title sponsor of the Ultra Trail Mont-Blanc, with a deal until 2025.

Plus, since Ironman is one of the partners joining the World Series, there’s a lot going on with the deal. Trail running, after several years of sponsoring the promoters of triathlon events.Likewise, the sponsors of the Trail running More recently, the company has also formed alliances in the Chinese market with iQiyi Sports, France and L’Equipe in the audiovisual sector. also, UTMB partners with content broadcasting platform Outside, just like Iron Man two years ago. “Partnering with these three global chains is great news for Trail Running and the UTMB World Series, as it will increase our visibility and our presence in important countries such as China, the US, Canada and France”, added Lénart .

spanish acceleration Trail running

rise in popularity trace In recent years it has led to unprecedented growth in the field of mountain bike motorsports, so much so that it has had sweeping ramifications across the federation world in the struggle to govern such events. The alliance between the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (Rfea) and the Spanish Federation of Mountain and Climbing Sports (Fedme) has even sparked legal disputes, with both organizations now managing their own mountain competitions. In fact, Rfea this year established a network of 29 permanent centers across the country to promote the discipline.

The success of such campaigns is Hosting third UTMB test on Spanish soil gets attention.Transvulcania by UTMB and Val d’Aran by UTMB in the Canary Islands are currently the only two events in the World Series Trail running is celebrated in the country. For the Catalan competition, 49 percent of the more than 5,000 entrants came from abroad, so the test had an economic impact of 5 million euros in the region, according to the organisation.

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