Utopia is Travis Scott’s Yeezus, influenced by the new rap scene (and maybe even some fights).

Even if it wasn’t accompanied by a real movie, Travis Scott’s long-awaited fourth studio album would still be a blockbuster. Since becoming hip-hop’s explosive and enigmatic force 10 years ago, Scott has specialized in gigantic productions, with crashing drums, thundering synths and hotel lobby recordings. All the qualities that are UtopiaScott’s first solo album in nearly five years, although there are enough tweaks to the formula that it doesn’t look Astromir 2.

Utopia does not reach the exciting and cinematic level Astroworld – I’m not here sick mode or carousel –, but Travis does not sit on his laurels. He clearly inspires Scott, which is evident in his passion for club and house music, as well as in the selection of newcomers to star in the record.

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As is the case with every Travis Scott album, feature list is the Wes Anderson film equivalent, in which stars spanning the gamut of pop music appear in roles of various sizes: Beyoncé, Drake, Justin Vernon, The Weeknd, Bad Bunny, SZA and Young Thug just to name a few.. Travis Scott is often overshadowed by his colleagues, but it seems that this is exactly what he wants, that he is ready to take a back seat for a great song.

Here are the first impressions GQ on Utopiaanother resolutely ambitious but lyrically opaque album by Travis Scott’s standards.

This is it jesus Travis Scott

In social media conversations Utopia he was already branded lo jesus by Travis Scott, a reference to Kanye West’s 2013 rejection of lavish maximalism My beautiful dark twisted fantasy for the harsh, experimental electronic sound and for collaborations with Arca, Daft Punk and Hudson Mohawke.

This influence, as well as the success of artists like Beyoncé and Drake in using house music and club music, clearly hangs over Utopia. As noted by the Donda’s Place fan account on Instagram, modern jam literally reproduces the rhythm of the earlier version I’m God From jesus, originally produced by Scott, West, Mike Dean and Daft Punk. (West uncredited) modern jambut it’s on God blesswhich was originally supposed to appear on his album Donda).

It is important to note that Scott not only imitated Kanye, but also made a key contribution to jesus. Scott co-producer New slaves AND Guilt and, as he often stated in magazines such as Billboardworking with West on this album shaped him artistically.

modern jam it’s a real thrill because Scott sings in a light 80’s style and has fun with his voice, ending the verses with a high-pitched screech. Also Love inspired jesuswith brooding, decadent synths reminiscent of New slaves, with Scott deftly rapping over cacophonous percussion. Collaboration with Beyoncé Delrest (Echo), keeps a B in his container of dance music, and the renaissance superstar shines like a house diva. These moments are widely used and provide a compelling tonal contrast to classic Travis darker songs such as I know? AND FE!No.

Travis is back to making beats

Looking over the credits, it is revealed that Scott had a more active role in the making of the film. Utopia than any of his previous albums (difficult estimated at around 63%), a return to basics when his early years in music were marked more by production work than lead artist work, with 63% of the songs produced compared to 29% on the last album. (However, these numbers pale in comparison to previous projects such as Rodeo AND Owl Pharaoh). In fact, Scott also enlisted a number of established electronic artists to share the production of this piece, including Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Ratatat’s E*vax and Dom Makers’ UK producer.

Travis continues to be a great talent scout and the young artists he invests in always shine.

Travis’s talented ear has always been one of his best assets, and few things are more important to a rising artist than a guest appearance on a Travis Scott track.

IN Utopia, Travis included up-and-coming artists among his peers from the list of the best, who generally performed well. Teezo Touchdown steals the show modern jam, with a line and verse to help bring out the track’s house music influences. KayCyy, Kanye’s protégé, hums a sleepy chorus God bless, the track that most closely resembles a transition to more interesting moments on the album. (KayCyy also overshadows another exciting new name in music: Stormi Webster, Scott’s daughter). Cameo of Rob 49 anchoring New Orleans in Thopia twins it’s a delight as he raps at breakneck speed, referencing YoungBoy’s Never Broke Again and spanning the frenzied Southern hip-hop pedigree.

Drake uses his verse to rekindle his fight with Pusha T.

The last time Travis Scott and Drake worked together on a Travis solo album was sick mode, a fragment of Frankenstein that remains incredible even after five years. Expectations were high, and yet Meltdown does not reach the top sick mode, this is a nice article that has certainly generated a lot of comments on the internet.

Drake, who has his own album coming soon, starts the track in a piquant mood, in a husky, wistful tone:

“You act like you love that American shit / But what you’re really afraid of is 6”

i.e. “You act like you love that American shit / But what you’re really afraid of is 6.” He then sets his sights on Pharrell Williams – you may remember that Drake bought some of Williams’ most classic jewelry at auction and then somewhat crudely showed it off in the music video for Jumbotron Shit Poppinreleased at the beginning of the year.

“I’m melting the chains I bought from your boss / Fuck all that legacy shit / Because V’s not around, the members hung Louis, they don’t even wear that shit”

“I undid the chains I bought from your boss / I don’t care about all this legacy shit / Since V is gone, the members hung Louise, they don’t wear that shit anymore,” raps, referring to the death of Virgil Abloh, whom he honored huge statue during his tour It’s all a blur. To be honest, disagreeing with Farrell is strange, but this is clearly a blow to longtime rival Pusha T, who is known to be close to Farrell.
(Interestingly, in this regard, Farrell is credited as the co-writer and producer of Love V Utopia).

Pusha announced new projects, including with DJ Drama and a possible reunion with Clipse on record, with Drake telling fans during one of his New York shows, “I’ve got an album coming out for you in about two weeks.” or so. like this.” Presumably, this could mean that this is just the beginning of another fiery chapter in their feud.

Travis didn’t spare himself either.

Drake once spoke about MeltdownTravis got into a fight with his usual jokes about women and money, but depending on how you read the particular verse, it’s possible that Travis also used this passage to wittily talk about his personal life. Towards the end of his verse, Travis says “AP chocolate and chocolate Vs, there’s a Willy Wonka factory / Burn jock like it’s calories, find another flame hotter than me, bitch.” Willy Wonka Factory / Burn the jock like he’s a calorie, find another flame as hot as me bitch).
It would be a harmless pun, except that the actor who starred in this year’s new Willy Wonka spin-off was romantically involved with Travis’ mother-of-two. Just to say.
(“Burn the Athlete” could also be a reference to Chalamet’s dating game with Adam Sandler, which was widely discussed in the tabloids last week and Meltdown would have been recorded shortly before release Utopia…).

Article originally published in GQ America.

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