Valbuena’s discharge after Benzema’s sentence

Once the sentence of Karim Benzema in your case, Mathieu Valbuena he did not hide and made his defense on the situation. According to his representative, he is relieved, but it seems that he still has a grudge with the French Football Federation and shot the boss with thick ammunition. Le Graet. “He is more of a ghost than a president,” he blurted out. And there was a message for the Real Madrid player.

“I was very surprised by his attitude, although nothing surprises me in this environment. I have received very little support from the French team. And Mr. Le Graet… When I was in the good days of the French national team, I licked my boots. Instead, when I disappeared from the radar, it’s Mr. Phantom. Maybe he lost my number “Valbuena said in dialogue with RMC Sport.

Mathieu and Karim, together in France.  (REUTERS / Charles Platiau)

Mathieu and Karim, together in France. (REUTERS / Charles Platiau)

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“I did not receive any support. It is a shame, because I am a victim of all this. It is the truth, although there are people who may doubt it. It took me a year or two for the French team. Sports have always been the priority in my career. When you elbow yourself at the top of the national team, which is like a prize, disappearing like that is complicated “, threw, stabbing.

The former Olympique de Marseille also took advantage of his appearance on the program “Rothen s’enflamme” to talk about his former partner and whom he accused, Benzema. “Right now, the French team needs the best players in the world. I have never mixed this affair with the football part regarding Karim”, he clarified. It suits him well that he is back in Le Bleus.

Benzema will remain in the selection anyway.  (Franck FIFE / AFP)

Benzema will remain in the selection anyway. (Franck FIFE / AFP)

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Benzema’s judgment in the Valbuena case

In the midst of his great footballing present, which has him as one of the best forwards in the world, Karim Benzema received a hard blow when the sentence of the Mathieu Valbuena case was known. This Wednesday, the French justice He sentenced the Real Madrid star to one year in prison, exempt from compliance, for complicity in the attempt to blackmail his former teammate with a sex video.

The verdict of the Court of Versailles was even harsher than the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which had requested a penalty of 10 months in prison exempt from compliance against the player, who did not appear at the reading of the sentence, nor did he he did during the three days of the trial in October.

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Although it did maintain the same fine requested by the public prosecutor: 75,000 euros ($ 87,000). After reading the verdict, the 33-year-old forward’s lawyers They announced an appeal against the sentence, which suspends its application.

The sentence indicates that Benzema lied up to four times throughout the case and pointed out that his intervention, in particular the conversation he had with Valbuena during a national team rally in October 2015, he was essential in the blackmail attempt.

The significance of the case kept Benzema away from the France team for five years. However, due to his great performances at Real Madrid, finally reappeared in the calls in the previous of Euro 2021. And, as Noël Le Graët, the president of the FFF, has already indicated, the sentence will not separate him from the team again.

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Valbuena’s lawyer’s discharge

Didier Domat spoke of his client.  (AP / Christophe Ena)

Didier Domat spoke of his client. (AP / Christophe Ena)

The anger of Benzema’s defense

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