Valerio Mazzei got a tattoo with a stranger!

Valerio Mazzei decides to get a tattoo together with the stranger he went on vacation with. But what does it mean? We explain it to you!

Fan of Valerio Mazzei, before reading this article, start Justin Bieber’s That Should Be Me to get ready for the news. Many * will know by now that Valentine’s Day Valerius he went out with a stranger. However, the appointment didn’t go quite the way he expected, as we could see. In order not to break down, or to fill the need for affection, then, he has decided to do something new. Now he left for a few days vacation with another unknown girl. (not that much now since Miss Webboh has already found out who she is).

The two to commemorate the time spent together and to always keep a memory of this experience with them they decided to get a matching tattoo. Well yes, now they both have the writing “1F” engraved on the skin forever, he on the wrist and she on the forearm. But what does what they wrote mean?

As a literal meaning, Valerio explains that the tattoo is the number of the house they stayed in. How meant for the two instead? It’s not something that binds one to the other or something significant, they are keen to point out. In fact, they probably won’t see each other again after this holiday, they say (perhaps ironically). Even him he claims he hasn’t fallen in love with her. “It’s a I rememberdo one splurge, do another,” he explains Valerio Mazzei on TikTok.

How do you think their vacation went? Would you have liked to be the strangers * instead of Giulia??

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