Van der Vaart tries to make you look bad to Cristiano Ronaldo with fake


Mexico city /

The midfielder Dutch, Rafael Van der Vaart, took the time to remember their step for the Real Madrid, and the relationship he had with Cristiano Ronaldobut the anecdote that told of the Portuguese, it lacks credibility because the data are erroneous, which he gave during a broadcast on social networks with your excompañero Peter Crouch.

The Dutch reminded the party of the 2008-09 season when the Meringues golearon 7-1 Sporting Gijón and he made three annotations, being his most memorable night with the team real madrid in the three years that he was.

“I played with Christian. We won 6-0 against Sporting at home. I scored a hat-trick, but he did not score any goal and in the locker room was angry. Normal, if I had been with thee (Crouch), is that we had gone to take a beer,” said the midfielder Dutch.

The data counted by Van de Vaart are certain to that mentioned Cristiano Ronaldoas the Portuguese player at the time was still with Manchester United and would until the summer of 2009 for the campaign 09-10 to Santiago Bernabeu.