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Vanessa Hudgens criticizes Kendall Jenner for being fat?


Everything indicates that the end of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” is not a goodbye to their controversies, as it did not take a month to find out that now Vanessa Hudgens questions Kendall Jenner.

Hudgens did not criticize the model as such but criticized the current thinking of ‘perfect bodies’ and assured that ‘all bodies are summer bodies’.

And it may be 2021, but we still have to read and listen each year to the advertising that tells us about a certain figure for beach holidays, something that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Why Vanessa Hudgens Questions Kendall Jenner

This thought ensures that women must have a model body to be attractive, when all bodies are valid, beautiful and just a part of who we are.

Therefore, when Hudgens saw the publication of Complex magazine accompanied by a photo of Jenner with the text “summer body”, the singer and actress decided to publicly position herself on it.

All bodies are summer bodies during the summer. I just wanted to mention it, “the artist wrote in the comments of the Instagram post.

Thus, the old “Disney girl” preferred to avoid referring to Jenner and direct her energies towards the harmful idea that, unfortunately, still prevails in our society to start a necessary conversation in the most open tone possible.

And everything indicates that it has worked on a certain level, well your comment has already accumulated more than 34,500 “likes” and answers that show that she is not alone in her opinion against the canons of beauty that still abound in our society.

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