Vanessa Paradis and Lenny Kravitz inspired The Idol

The connection between the now forgotten love story Vanessa Paradis and Lenny Kravitz and the plot of the TV series Sculpture I’m practically at zero. No abuse, no manipulation, no attempt at exploitation has ever been reported in that distant relationship, erased from the memory of most as it was replaced by one that the French singer immediately followed with an even more The hard-hitting star started with Johnny Depp. Yet after the latest episode of the HBO series, which details a suspicious encounter between a young pop star and a self-styled music manager with a murky reputation, several social profiles and some blogs highlighted the ’90s liaison simply because is because singer and French actress vanessa heaven she will later become a mother Lily-Rose Depp, J.Celine SculptureWhereas lenny kravitz He was a feline of the American urban jungle, like Tedros/The Weeknd. And together, like the two characters in the series, they have created one of the strangest combinations of couples in the history of love since the invention, surpassing even Madonna and John Kennedy. How that relationship originated and ended is already scripted.

Vanessa Paradis and Lenny Kravitz at Vivienne Westwood Defile, Pret à Porter, Collection Printemps et 1995 a Paris en October 1994, France Photo by Paternalgama Rafo via Getty Imagespinterest icon

Vanessa Paradis and Lenny Kravitz at the Vivienne Westwood Ready-to-Wear 1995 show in Paris in October 1994

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vanessa heaven He was 15 when, in 1987, he became an international star with the song in French who take taxi, The success of the song, which doesn’t produce an electric shock upon first listen, was determined by a combination of several factors. The text contained the true story of a Portuguese homosexual who fled the dictatorship and who rebuilt his life as an expert taxi driver in the most interesting and hidden corners of Paris. The accompaniment was on the sax, which was a very popular instrument in the 80s. The underage singer was young and beautiful, despite her modest dress in jeans and a sweatshirt, with a promotional prank that depicted Lolita fantasies in a way they would (rightly) no longer be valid today. When Vanessa Paradis debuted, lenny kravitz Instead he was 22. Son of television producer Sy Kravitz and actress Roxy Roker (who played Helen in the series) jefferson) started making music practically at the age of 5 and was imbued with spirituality and self-esteem like Tedros. His first album, let Love Rulewas released in 1989 and when he crossed paths with Vanessa in 1991, she was already a star.

Vanessa Paradis and Lenny Kravitz attend the Vivienne Westwood Ready to Wear SpringSummer 1995 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on October 12, 1994 in Paris, France Photo by Stephen CardinalSigma via Getty Imagespinterest icon

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This was not a random encounter. Paradis – unexpectedly – was a huge fan of Lenny’s and, in agreement with his mentor Serge Gainsbourg, wanted him to produce his first English album. He invited her to Paris in the summer for dinner at the restaurant of the Le George V hotel, during which they would discuss the details. Vanessa was 19 years old and had recently broken up with her historical boyfriend, singer-songwriter Florent Pagny, with whom she had filled the pages of French tabloids. Lenny was 27 years old, with a cascade of hair, a tendency to dress like the ’70s had never ended, and was separating from his wife, Lisa Bonet, with whom he had a daughter two years earlier, Which was future actress Zoe Kravitz. , He was shocked, he had not expected such persistence and determination in something that looked like a white doll. Vanessa surprised them in many ways, and above all, by showing them songs in English, almost all of the English she had learned in a few months. Kravitz did not immediately accept the collaboration, taking some time to consider it because he did not want his emotions to affect his professional clarity. But then he invited her to New York and ended up writing, producing, and even performing on Vanessa’s records. Both spent a lot of time together and fell in love while working. That episode revealed much of the hidden personality of French pop’s ethereal Lolita. It was clear to all that behind those round and smooth cheeks, bohemian hair and petite measurements, a biting warrior was hidden. Their tandem album came out in 1992, it was simply titled vanessa heaven, And meanwhile both showed themselves together with great understanding. More than any club, she was seen at Paris Fashion Week shows or Roland Garros, where she always sported that sexy French pout and didn’t struggle to fit in. It was quite clear that the reins of the relationship were in her hands and that Lenny was a pet python.

Vanessa Paradis and Lenny Kravitz at the Roland Garros Open in 1992, Photo: Bertrand Rindoff Petrofetti Imagespinterest icon

Lenny Kravitz and Vanessa Paradis at the Roland Garros tennis tournament in 1992

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff,Getty Images

Their five-year love story and why it ended is never revealed. Kravitz is not a “kiss and tell” at all, Paradis was not at all, and much of what is known today comes from a moment of unexpected beginnings that happened to the American singer-songwriter paris match In 2009, perhaps because she felt comfortable talking to the French about one of her favorite female artists. “I was madly in love with her,” he confessed, “Vanessa was the perfect woman but she came at the wrong time. L am sorry. And I hope he will read these lines. it was thanks to me that he met Johnny Depp, With Jack Sparrow, as we know, Vanessa began her long relationship in 1998, shortly after she broke up with Lenny, and continued to have a relationship with him even though they were not married. lily-rose deppin 1999, and John “Jack” Depp, in 2002. At the age of 45, in 2018, the singer married a film producer of the same age Samuel Benchetrit And be at peace with him. However, after Vanessa Paradis, Lenny Kravitz has other stories with famous women including Nicole Kidman, Natalie Imbruglia, Adriana Lima, Naomi Campbell, Kylie Minogue. But it seems he never found peace. Currently, even at the age of 60, he is single but seems to be dating Brazilian model Ana Paula Valle. The mystery of why it ended between Lenny Kravitz and Vanessa Paradis will be dense and probably forever a secret, unless one of the two decides to tell it in a biography when they’re older. For now, we can only muster a slightly sad and somber statement from her that makes her “one of us” for all intents and purposes, and try to fantasize about it: “Ever since we broke up I haven’t seen him since then, but I know that one day we will meet. And there will be time to talk about everything”. Yes, as we all say when all fails.

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