Vanilla chrome nails: summer nail trend

GDelicate and minimalistic, this new take on the classic chrome nails is going crazy on TikTok.

They approve. They drum. They write, pass under the gaze of friends and strangers. They are hopeful and disappointed. Our hands say: just look at the manicure or nail polish color that we have chosen so that others understand a lot about us.
The summer season has always rhymed with pastel colored enamels which adorn the nails like a projection of the landscapes from the postcards that we will visit during the holidays.
A real must-have that cycles back with new nail art and trim.

The nail trend to follow this summer 2023 is definitely the “vanilla chrome manicure”.

What are “vanilla chrome nails”?

Naturally, it all started last year, in 2022, when fashion queen Hailey Bieber arrived at the Met Gala wearing a matte finish manicure that would prove to be one of next year’s macro beauty trends. From skin care to makeup to hair care, the glaze effect has a 360° effect on beauty, giving us new ways to boldly experiment with our looks. But if it’s true that lately tendencies fight finishing blowsthis winter we also witnessed to the revival of chrome nailsa trend that gives nails a metallic sheenalmost mirror image.

Perfect summer manicure

“Vanilla Chrome Nails” they are a true hybrid of pearl shades of vanilla tones and silvery mirror shine.
The creator of this chrome nail upgrade is manicurist Alexandra Teleki, her video went viral on TikTok immediately with over seven million likes. From there, the trend literally exploded: The #vanillachromenails hashtag has over 10 million views to date.which earned her the title of Summer 2023 Manicurist.

How to recreate them at home

Recreating “vanilla chrome nails” at home is child’s play.
You just need to have it available cream nail polish (not white, don’t forget!) and apply two coats on the entire nail. At this point, set the color with a top coat before applying the chrome powder with a sponge or small brush. Finish your manicure with a top coat top coat.

french vanilla chrome nails

Chrome manicure in trend super versatile which also pairs very well with classic French.

floral vanilla chrome nails

Do you want a romantic manicure? Why not combine the effect of chrome with floral nail art.
The result will be very glamorous and girly!

Negative Space Vanilla Chrome Nails

If minimal nails are not your style, you can try this option ddefinitely more extras: Vanilla nail polish is used to recreate French negative space. Extra touch? Adding polka dots all over the nail.

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