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Last Monday, August 14th lThe World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a warning Presence of new strains of Covid-19 Cordoba and Buenos Airesthe child variant E.G.5.

In this case, Lorena Abril from the Southern Planning Area said, “These discoveries happened because everything related to the new coronavirus and influenza was closely monitored and all the samples taken were tested. Sort and see if they match. “of the same strain or from a different strain”.

In this way, “this is how these new variants come out, although what it does do is people pay more attention and see how it behaves from here on out, In our region, we have no confirmed cases,” assures the health professional.

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Variant behavior Exhibits the same symptoms as known symptoms“There are no reports of it being more toxic or anything like that,” Abril said.

Some common symptoms include Fever, chills, headache, muscle aches, shortness of breath, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, and in some cases, loss of taste and smell.

He explained: “Unlike other respiratory viruses at the time, the new coronavirus is a pandemic that affects everyone equally, so we vaccinate everyone.” For those at high risk, including those over the age of 60 , diabetics, obese people, pregnant women, people with respiratory diseases. These people who usually go to the health center do have the opportunity to be vaccinated,” he confirmed.

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He acknowledged that there was a certain degree of desperation about a COVID-19 vaccine with regard to “healthy or young populations”, but once the pandemic phase was over, “we all relaxed a little bit”.

“We’ve seen this year that respiratory viruses have become the norm, and they’re all severe cases, but don’t require hospitalization. You have to rest, take the time your doctor deems necessary to recover from the illness, and go about your normal life,” he advises road.


Currently, “there is a clear indication for testing for cases of severe respiratory infection, whether in a nursing home or in a hospital. Then those with risk factors should be tested, but that’s not happening,” he said.

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People who want to test themselves, They can visit San Cayetano Health Center’s outpatient clinic each afternoon as neededstarting at 14 hours.

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