Vega Baja de Orihuela hospital makes masks mandatory again

Friday 25 August 2023 01:11

A rebound in covid-19 cases in the region put the management of Vega Baja Hospital on alert, which on Thursday issued an emergency statement to all staff, updating healthcare organizational measures against the coronavirus.

In the notice, the monitoring committee reported a significant increase in the number of patients admitted to the center with confirmed covid-19. That number has increased from an average of five or six patients to thirty, they announced.

Many of the patients developed pneumonia and required emergency admission, according to the center’s medical staff. The most common symptoms in other patients were fever and difficulty breathing.

Given this epidemiological situation, Vega Lower Hospital has proposed a series of temporary reinforcements to existing measures aimed at reducing the spread of the disease and avoiding nosocomial infections.

First, the statement detailed, there will be enhanced central access controls for those entering the inpatient floors. In addition, to reduce the risk of transmission due to referrals, each patient will be allowed to be alone with an accompanying person.

On the other hand, the immediate and universal use of masks for all patients and accompanying professionals in all wards is recommended to be as strict as possible.

In this sense, they report from the health center that the measures will be followed up and evaluated within two weeks, or even less, if the epidemiological situation so advises.

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