vegan tacos will be served at his concerts in Mexico

With my record-breaking tour in the next few days Taylor Swift fill it Foro Sol Stadium in Mexico Citywhich will host up to 90,000 fans from across the country to see the American pop star. 4 dates not to be missed in which Swift prepares to repeat her repertoire in the first of her tour’s international concerts, an event she wants to open with an added touch of sustainability and ethics. Indeed, Taylor Swift fans will be able to attend the Eras Tour concerts in Mexico City. Taste typical Mexican tacos in a vegan version thanks to a partnership with an innovative local startup.

Vegan tacos at Taylor Swift’s Mexican concerts

An initiative created in partnership with a local startup Propel Foodscreated with the help of artificial intelligence three types of vegan “meat” – steak, chorizo ​​and pastor – which can be stuffed with tacos that will be served at the Foro Sol stadium in Mexico City.

Propel Foods will have a unique opportunity in a stadium filled with 90,000 Taylor Swift fans to showcase their products after winning the 2021 competition. Hult Prize the Mexican government, which gave the startup access to $150,000 in funds. Propel Foods also won last year Ftalks Food Summit Latin America Mexico, award related to the sustainable development of the food sector. The Mexican startup also stands out for its innovation as it develops alternative proteins using artificial intelligence, taking into account factors such as carbon emissions, “sensory” properties and their nutritional value. This is how vegan alternatives to the meat most loved by Mexicans are born. today it will be easier to make more informed, ethical and sustainable choices without giving up your favorite foods.

Mission Propel Foods

Startup goals? They are very ambitious: in the first place is the ability help Mexican consumers eat 25% less animal products by 2030then up to 50% less by 2050. A decisive mission not only on an ethical issue, but also on issues related to climate change.

“We have invested a lot of time and effort into development of the best products“Both in terms of health benefits and taste,” a spokesperson for Propel Foods told VegNews. “It’s nice when people take their first bite of our tacos and can’t help but say, ‘They taste just like tacos!'”

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