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Gohan’s return to the iconic Super Saiyan 2 transformation marks the return of Dragon Ball Super to theaters globally. The film that bears the title of Super hero It opens on April 22 in Japan and the anxieties grow for its arrival in our region. There is an estimated date, but it has not yet been confirmed.

However, Gohan will not be the only protagonist of this saga with a new look in the designs that Toyotaro surely supervised rigorously. Piccolo will have some tweaks and stands out for being the second focus of force to face the new threats, which surprisingly come from the Red Patrol RR.

But also, we will see a character who begins to take his first steps in the world of battles. It is about Pan, the same daughter of Gohan. We could see the power of this little girl at the end of Dragon Ball Z, but her character could never be developed by the hand of Akira Toriyama, since Toei Animation continued only in the anime of Dragon Ball GT.

So now we can know a little about the development, fighting desire and ability of the girl who inherits strength and martial arts from anywhere in her family tree.

First of all, on his Saiyan side with Goku and Gohan as his grandfather and father respectively. And on the side of Mr Satan and Videl, grandfather and mother.

Whereas Vegeta, who we probably won’t see much of in this feature film, also sports some retouched aspects to his appearance. Of course, respecting the originality of the prince of the Saiyans.

New skins

Thanks to a message posted by DBS Hype on its Twitter account, we can see the images of these two characters. In Pan’s case, the little warrior will not wear the red kimono that we saw in the Martial Arts Tournament that Goku abandons to go to train with Uub.

Instead, the girl wears clothes that are more suited to current times. Short shorts and a simple T-Shirt with the letters GTH and a drawing.

While in the case of Vegeta, the retouch comes more towards the facial expression that accentuates the seriousness that characterizes it. In addition, his hair looks more detailed, highlighting the first times he appeared in Dragon Ball Z, being more than ever the proud heir to the Saiyan reign.

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