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Vitamin C Known for relieving and preventing colds. Many of us believe that orange or lemon juice will help us stave off the cold, which is common this time of year, but there are plenty of vegetables and fruits that contain as much or more vitamin C than the aforementioned citrus.fruit and Its intake can help us strengthen the immune system

According to experts, from medical line, our body It cannot produce vitamin C on its own, nor does it store vitamin C. Therefore, it is very important to include plenty of foods containing this vitamin in your daily diet. For years, vitamin C has been a home remedy for the common cold. However, studies have shown that For most people, vitamin C supplements or foods rich in the vitamin do not reduce the risk of catching the common cold.. Note that people who take vitamin C supplements on a regular basis may experience slightly shorter colds or milder symptoms. They caution that taking vitamin C supplements after a cold doesn’t seem to help.

Vegetables highest in vitamin C include: Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower Red and green peppers Spinach, cabbage, turnip greens and other leafy vegetables such as potatoes and tomatoes.Here is the list provided by cjuenta on Instagram “Curiosity about Food”
Vitamin C requirements depend on sex, age, physical activity, lactation, and pregnancy.World Health Organization established 45mg of vitamin C daily. Without adequate amounts of this vitamin, we can develop diseases such as scurvy, which occurs when the diet is severely deficient in vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Scurvy causes general weakness, anemia, gingivitis, and skin bleeding.
??science magazine bbc focus I ranked the foods that provide the most vitamin C per 100g:

1??# guava (228mg)
2??# black currant (200mg)
3??# red pepper (190 mg)
4??# chilli (144mg)
5??# Parsley (120 mg).
6??# Kiwi (93 mg) 7??# Cabbage (93 mg)
8??# Broccoli (89 mg)
9??# Brussels sprouts (85mg)
? #Strawberry (80 mg).
??#orange contains an average of 50mg/100g

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