Veneras – Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome – 25 June 2023

The Veneras Secret Tour conquered the Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone on the occasion of Rome Summer Fest 2023.

Great success on the second date of the tour Secret Of Vesper, who left the bra two days ago and who after a short time returned to perform in the capital for the second time. i heard it in early juneangelo maiwhere they introduced the new album and previewed the tour in a live experience.

in the frame of caveEverything seems to be amplified, it is as if the secret that was suggested and whispered softly in the ear is now echoing in this hot Roman summer sky.

The show starts a little late so that the many children who have come can enter the cavea and take their seats. Several people waited on the ground and in the bleachers to cheer him as he entered the stage with the entire band.

Vesper He is dressed like a miner with a head torch, hat, long black wig and blue overalls, but as he sings the first song, “Instruction“, slowly starts taking off the disguise. His trusty full band joined him on stage: andrea colicchia bottom and Philip SimatiSynth, percussion and bass, both wearing Britney Spears T-shirts, Danny Bronzini on guitar, elijah the shepherd on the drum, Daniel Mazzone To the organ Vesper Split between guitar and keyboard.

kaleidoscope of sounds and colors

The live starts right away with some new songs from the new album.Mystery“, released on 9 June, but they often alternate with older hits. The atmosphere is of a party, on stage and in the audience you can feel the involvement, the excitement as well as the lightness.

Sometimes it seems like it is in a circus show, with a stage in the background decorated with round and golden frills and multicolored and colorful pillars that sometimes turn into a kaleidoscope of colors mixed with a variety of sounds. It happens.
In front of the stage, a giant half moon appears to be there to light up the show.

twist show

Several highlights of the evening: from the most touching and romantic to the most devotional Claudius Kokoluto amidst general applause or at the moment when Vesper He invites a boy, Lorenzo, to come out of the parterre and onto the stage to play his song for his fiancée. But there’s also room for laugh-out-loud moments, such as when at the end, amid general cheers, she shows the public her beautiful green spotted thong.

In short, Veneras has once again proved that he is a versatile, eclectic and talented artist. And the sweetness and intensity of his songs, as always, find their natural fulfillment in a live dimension.

after all “Mystery“It is just that, a hymn to playable music, an album free of plans, a manifesto of a new musical humanism based on exchange, that excludes fashion, and that includes imperfection, the peace of taking time, Going slowly, without necessarily having a flattening filter will do everything right.

Secret It is a place where the artist’s feelings circulate freely and become everyone’s, it is a picture of just such a moment, a state of mind, the inexplicable and wonderful magic of art.

evening track list
  1. Instruction
  2. you will do the same
  3. Lonely
  4. sing for a friend
  5. dreamliner
  6. Lamp
  7. i never learn
  8. Imagination
  9. i see i don’t see
  10. you are water
  11. you know there is
  12. love song
  13. i’m a little lost in the dark
  14. Rail
  15. ideas in music
  16. your dog
  17. stay here

secret journey 2023 Of Vesper He will return to enthrall the audiences of the main Italian summer festivals with this brand new show.

next appointments

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07 July 2023 – Tener-a-Mente Vittorial Festival (Gardón Rivera – BS)
13 July 2023 – Sherwood Festival (Padua)
19 July 2023 – noisy Naples festival (Naples)
22 July 2023 – Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour (Lazatico – PI)
29 July 2023 – Oltre a Mare | Becki Bay (Rimini)
06 August 2023 – Taghgiate Urban Fest (Melpignano – LE)
09 August 2023 – Alcarte Festival (Alcamo – TP)

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