Venetia, Kanye West and Bianca Censori banned from motorboat company for indecent exposure

Kanye West (now called Ye) and his intended wife Bianca Censors they will no longer be able to board boats Venice Tourism Motorboats. This was stated by the newspaper Daily Mail Australia in an article published on Monday, September 4. According to Sky Tg24, company representatives have not made any statements about this.

Kanye West and Bianca Censori will no longer be welcome guests

According to an Australian tabloid, a Venetian company operating in the private shipping sector Kanye West and Bianca Censori banned for life (PHOTO) from their boats. Venezia Turismo Motoscafi would have issued a statement highlighting the complete inconsistency with the facts and explaining the story. On Thursday, August 31, upon arrival in Venice, the couple surprised with an ambiguous expression: the rapper and designer showed up on board a water taxi with pants downnext to his partner (whom he would have married in the last generationNayo in secret). β€œThe captain was watching the traffic and did not notice these obscene expressions,” writes the Daily Mail. “If he had noticed, he would have immediately dropped them off and informed the authorities.” Moreover, there was another person in the taxi, and Bianca Censori blocked the view. Therefore, the company, which has been working with stars of such caliber as Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez for many years, dissociated itself from this case. Not only that, he would decide never to take Kanye West and his wife on board again.

Possible complaint

But Kanye and Bianchi’s “troubles” didn’t end there. Two risk one obscenity complaint in a public place. Several fans on social media have asked to be arrested or at least punished for certain behaviors in broad daylight in front of many (including children). In fact, if the images had indeed been acquired by the local police, they would have risked a maximum fine of a few hundred euros. Nothing compared to the events of the recent past, when Ye self-destructed and was slowly lost among political speeches, anti-Semitic statements, divorce from Kim Kardashian and numerous provocations (think of the White Lives Matter program). shirt worn in Paris). Thus, Bianchi’s proximity seems to have hastened his decline: their quirky Italian vacation is just the least of the gossip that bothers them. And, in all likelihood, they will not be the last.

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Kanye West in Venice, scandalous photos in the foreign press

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