Venezuelan influencer who created a brand without electricity and water lives in Almeria

it was 2014 Venezuela Food was scarce, power and water were cut off for days, and inflation soared. Wileska and her husband Nico are returning from the agricultural engineer’s native Greece.. They decided to return to Latin America because the 2008 crisis made life in that part of Europe unsustainable. Little did they imagine that, six months later, the country that had welcomed them across the Atlantic with unrivaled working conditions was also bankrupt. They had to move to Colombia with their children and after a few years they settled in Almeria thanks to a job offer from an engineer.

Veleska was born in Venezuela’s oil region, tigerAt the age of 9, she lost her father. Since her mother did not have enough money to support her four children, she was raised by her grandparents. “You have to work hard for dinner. My brother and I sold artisanal ice cream without my mother knowing so we could earn food,” the artist said.. At the age of 13, he decided to be financially independent and started working in a photography studio. From a Canarian family settled in Venezuela. He lived by the role models of Spanish immigrants, and he wanted to travel like them. At 18, he saved $600, enough to go to the Dominican Republic with his aunt, and today he laughs

Ironically, he still remembers that little money and the innocence of his youth. In this country, she graduated in graphic design and paid for her tuition by working as a hostess for brand sponsorships. He continued on to Trinidad and Tobago.Paradise island in the Caribbean, where she learned to speak English and admitted with a proud smile that she had met a very handsome Greek man who would be her husband.

Today she said she was only 22 years old and not ready to get married, but Nico was unwilling to part with her, he had to go back to Greece to finish his engineering degree, so he proposed to the Venezuelan. They crossed the Atlantic, and it was Veleska’s first trip to Europe, and the winter hit her hard, she was hospitalized with pneumonia, and she missed her family, the heat, the Caribbean. But she picked up Greek quickly, and her interest in history led her to explore the country by car with her father-in-law, with whom she developed a strong friendship.The couple stayed in the European country for two years until The financial crisis of 2008 forced them to emigrate to Venezuela, where Nico got a good job contract at the multinational company Monsanto.

when Chavez died in 2013 Venezuela’s economic crisis has worsened. Willska and Nico are expecting their first child soon and have to stock up on different sizes of diapers, milk, or anything else they might need before the baby arrives. The power and water were out for days and the inflation was so high that Nico’s floor was high at first but not enough to buy anything later.In that case Veleska wanted to immortalize her son’s hand. The designer found bags of the paste that dental technicians use to make oral molds.He posted on social networks a beautiful result commissioned by a famous artist @Baby Tasso Start to be successful. On weekends, the whole family would drive around Venezuela to make footprint molds.

But the economic situation in Venezuela was deteriorating, and the artist was in such pain that he could not even guarantee medicine for his one-year-old son’s illness.So they moved to Colombia She was frustrated when she first copied Wileska’s work, but her creativity has allowed her to keep reinventing herself again and again, and today she has over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

The Venezuelan, who has started from scratch seven times in less than fifteen years, far from complaining, has the ability to keep going. He gave me a quote that I take as wise advice: “When men make plans, God laughs.” In all the experience of moving to so many countries, he is sure that each territory has its culture, nature and charm.

Currently the family has been established in Almeria for two years and Nico is an agronomic engineer whom they hired for a good position in the field. The couple bought a house in the province and renovated it by themselves. On her Instagram account, Wileska shares work in progress, the house’s renovation, and her misgivings about decorating as if the rug was left over from the summer. “As cliché as it sounds, my home is my husband and my son,” Wileska concluded.

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