Venice 2023: Favino and (all Italian) heroes on Wednesday 30th.

Ta-ta-ta-ta! We are leaving (or rather: we are sailing …). AND Commander From Edward DeAngelis opening film 80th Venice International Film Festival (actually born in 1932, but some editions are missing). It is now known: this place has already been allotted Applicants Luca Guadagnino starred Zendaya, but an American writers’ and actors’ strike prompted the producers to pull it off in anticipation of a more auspicious moment.

Venice Film Festival: Wonderful godmother dresses

Venice Film Festival: Wonderful godmother dresses

Welcome, Pierfrancesco, to Commander

Then welcome Pierfrancesco Favino (in cast with Massimiliano Rossi, Johan Heldenberg and Silvia D’Amico) as Salvatore Todaroknown (also) with the phrase: “A German commander does not have, like me, two thousand years of civilization on his shoulders.”

At the helm of the Capellini submarine Regia Marina in October 1940, a soldier suddenly found himself – in the Atlantic – under fire from a merchant ship. (Belgian, loaded with British military equipment). But he won, and it was here that he acted as a worthy man: he decided to save 26 Belgians, shipwrecked, doomed to drown in the ocean, by disembarking them in the nearest safe port, as required by maritime law.

Pierfrancesco Favino and with Comandante director Edoardo De Angelis (photo by Enrico De Luigi).

Veronesi pen

“The man who pilots a Roman trireme two thousand years ago is the same man who pilots a submarine at the height of the world war. This man’s name is Salvatore, and he’s strong. He sinks the iron of enemy ships without fear and without mercy,” explains the director, who wrote the script with Sandro Veronesi. “But a helpless enemy is no longer an enemy, he is just another person, and therefore he saves him. Because the truly strong man is the one who is able to reach out to the weak. Salvatore knows the eternal laws that govern the sky and the sea, and knows that they are superior to any other law. He who saves one person saves humanity.”

Favino for Venice 80 is divided into two parts: he will compete in Slowly Stefano Sollima.

Pierfrancesco Favino and Silvia D’Amico in Comandante (photo by Enrico De Luigi).

Any link…

Any mention of people or things (read: the relationship of a certain political class and a certain public opinion) does not seem purely accidental … Commander then the honor of the premiere may not be a patriotic step, on the contrary: is a link to mercy which will be released a few days after the speech of President Mattarella and Pope Francis and will be confirmed during the Venice Film Festival with two other competitive films, I am the captain Matteo Garrone and green border by Agnieszka Holland. May the strongest win, but above all, let the message win. As for us all.

A scene from the movie Oceans Are Real Continents.

Farewell to Cuba

An equally compelling message comes from Tommaso Santambrogio., a thirty-one-year-old Milanese, a former collaborator of such cult directors as Werner Herzog and Lav Diaz. His Oceans are real continentschosen as opening of the Horizons section – reserved for “films representing new aesthetic and expressive trends movie world” – takes us to rain-torn Cuba and to the simple daily life of young Alex and Edith, the elderly Milagros and little Frank and Alain, with the ghost of separation …

“For the first time when areor was on the island,” explains Santamborgio.I was eight. I remember that as I approached airport security, I witnessed a desperate and inseparable embrace—with deep sobs and tears—between father and daughter, who apparently found a way to leave this place and never return. It was an poignant and unfair goodbye, terribly common in Cuban society, which is now experiencing the worst migration crisis in its history. (only in the last year and a half, about 8 percent of the population left the country, and the flow is constantly growing). “It all started with this image.”

Liliana Cavani (photo by Riccardo Gilardi).

Liliana Cavani Gold

The first of two Golden Lions (the second will go to Tony Leung from Hong Kong, the main character love moodto clarify) speaks Italian: the laureate is Liliana Cavanishow veteran (introduced here in 1965) Philippe Pétain: Judgment at Vichyin 1966 Francis of Assisiin 1968 Galileoin 1969 Cannibalsme, in 2002 Ripley game and in 2012 Poor Claires).

“One of the most iconic heroes of the new Italian cinema of the 1960s, whose work subsequently spanned more than sixty years of entertainment history, Liliana Cavani she is a versatile artist, able to attend television, theater and opera with the same unconventional spirit and the same intellectual restlessness that made her films famous,” such is the motivation of the director of the Venice Film Festival. “His thought has always been non-conformist, free from ideological prejudices and any conditioning, driven by the urgency of the continuous search for the truth hidden in the most hidden and mysterious parts of the human soul, up to the borders of spirituality.”

Order of time

As proof of his inexhaustible creative energy, the director presents his new film. Order of time, inspired by the essay of the same name by Carlo Rovelli. From the rich cast (Italian plus Xenia Rappoport): Alessandro Gassmann, Edoardo Leo, Claudia Gerini. Scenario? A group of old friends meet at a seaside villa to celebrate a birthday…

A scene from The Order of Time.

“Life is a kind of ‘journey’, an unsettling journey that we humans make in the universe according to a program that we didn’t choose, but which happens, like everything else, according to the ‘order of time’”, — Cavani says. .

Bersagliera forever

And the pre-opening of Venice 2023 was dedicated to one of our (few) divas: Gina Lollobrigida.missing in January. Were filmed, both in the restored version, Provincial Mario Soldati (1953) and Portrait of Gina Orson Welles, taken in 1958. Pearl. “In fact, this is not a documentary at all,” the director clarified, “more like an essay, a personal essay. It doesn’t try to be factual, but just doesn’t lie, in the tradition of diaries. These are my thoughts on the subject, Lollobrigida, and not on what it really is.

Let the party begin.


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