Venice 80: Biennale top management change at the gates, but directors have no regime change

As the 80th Venice Film Festival draws to a close, the government is starting to think about the future management of the event and the Biennale. Who will replace Cicutto and possibly Barbara at the head of these two competitions? Here are the names in question

In the crowded Istrian stone courtyard that separates the building of the Lido cinema from the Casino and from the Darsena alla Rossa (albeit the same color?) Hall of the Giardino, an atmosphere of novelty reigns. There are many expectations. And it’s not so much the anxiety to know who will get the votes of the jury of the 80th Venice Film Festival, chaired by Damien Chazelle for the Golden Lion and various prizes. Basically I’m looking forinterpret what will happen (more in the palaces of Rome than in the palaces of Venice) in the coming weeks and months, as far as the future is concerned “management” of the Biennalethe main Italian cultural institution with a strong international vocation.

Cicutto expires March 2024.

Presidency Robert Cicutto expires in March 2024, so much so that the curator of the visual arts exhibition for 2024 has already been appointed, which will be the Brazilian Adriano Pedrosa. But Cicutto, a film producer and former president of the Istituto Luce Cinecittà, was chosen as the former Minister of Cultural Heritage. Dario Franceschini in 2020 in full continuity with its predecessor, Paolo Baratta who directed the Biennale for over 14 years. Cicutto deserves full credit for assembling and protecting Baratta’s rich and unwieldy legacy by strengthening the dance, theater and music sectors, and most of all for winning the personal film festival competition in September 2020, still in the midst of a pandemic without any consequences. Not to mention that budget 2022 closed since active record over 12 million euros. Even the latest data Architecture Biennale with a record attendance, they confirm the viability of an institution that has a long experience entrusted since 2008 to the CEO Andrea Del Mercato. Mashed potatoes Venice 80Despite the Hollywood actors’ strike, it generates significant interest and attendance. Thus, on the 5th day of the exhibition, 35,496 tickets were sold (+9% by 2022), of which 6,375 subscriptions (+17% by 2022), and the total number of cinema visits was 114,851 (+18% by 2022).

Favino for Italians. Feminists against rapists

Like every year controversy they were an inevitable accompaniment of the exhibition. Pumped out by the director himself, Alberto Barbera. Feminist accusations against the so-called “rapists” Polanski, Allen and Besson (who were acquitted in court) have caused much discussion (and will continue to cause discussion) instatement by Pierfrancesco Favino, the protagonist of De Angelis’ introductory film “Comandante” in favor of Italian actors based on Italian stories. Among other things, it is necessary to understand where the new wind of right-wing politics will blow and what impact it will have on the future of Italian cinema and the Venice Film Festival.

Applause for Ministers Sangiuliano and Salvini

Minister of Cultural Heritage Gennaro Sangiuliano, who attended the pre-opening of the exhibition dedicated to Gina Lollobrigida, received timid applause and even a few boos. Nothing like “boo” and loud whistles, characteristic of Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini.

And yet, everything will depend on this new political class. decide the future of the Biennale. In Cicutto’s place, Minister Sangiuliano would have been ready to enter the battlefield. Pierangelo Butafuoco, journalist and writer from Catania, former editor of Il Secolo d’Italia, but a representative of the “dialogic” right wing, disliked even by the president of the Leonardo Foundation Luciano Violante, former justice of the peace and former president of the Chamber. But, as already noted, running the largest Italian cultural institution, from music to theater, architecture and dance, all the way to cinema, is not quite the same as writing an article or a novel.

Stumbling blocks of the former right spoilers

It must be said that every time the centre-right government has tried to get the Biennale, it has failed. In 2011 the minister Giancarlo Galan he wanted to replace Paolo Baratta with Giulio Malgara, but you will have to march ahead of the protests. Also in 2004 for David Kroff the nomination was rejected by the Senate Committee on Culture, but Minister Urbani nominated him anyway. Appointment process Successor to Chicutto provides that the Ministry shall receive an advisory opinion from the Cultural Committees of the House and Senate in the name indicated by the Minister, and that thereafter ministerial decree signed by Sangiuliano in confirmation of the choice. On Butafuoco name however, there would already have been the consent of two prominent members of the board of directors of the Venice Foundation: the vice-president, Louis BrugnaroMayor of Venice and President of the Region, Luca Zaya. To ensure that everything happens without incident, the director of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage is “multi-profile” Except Nastasia.

Does Barber leave Farinelli as a witness?

They also depend on the change of regime at the Biennale Summit. other appointments: one of all that belongs to the director of the Exhibition. We are talking about resignation expect Alberto Barbera which theoretically could lead another exhibition in 2024. An armchair that would not mind Gianluca Farinelli, former director of the Cineteca di Bologna, appointed in 2022 by the mayor of Rome Gualtieri as president of the Fondazione Cinema per Roma. Farinelli was able to find support from the representative of the movement “Brothers of Italy” Federico Mollicone, president of the Commission for Culture of the Chamber.

But no regime change for ninety year old directors

But for directors and actors a real “regime change” it’s still far away. Roman Polanski and Liliana Cavani blew out 90 candles, Woody Allen – 87. If you exclude Castellitto Jr., new generations are still far from the Exhibition, being hostages of “sacred monsters”. Liked “Evil Doesn’t Exist” Japanese Oscar winner Ryusuke Hamaguchi with music by Eiko Ishibashi, and “Owner” Bradley Cooper and feminist Frankenstein “Poor things” Yorgos Lanthimos, who revive stars Carey Mulligan and Emma Stone. “Priscilla” Sofia Coppola was liked by British and American journalists, who, unlike the Italian ones, appreciated her very much. “Finally Dawn” Saverio Costanzo. It remains to be seen whether the young members of the jury will be able to find convincing the path of hope for the Senegalese heroes of Matteo Garrone’s new film. “I am the captain”.

When Cavani honors the so-called “sacred monsters” (the only female so far) with a Lion in her career, she is half convinced “Order of Time”Allen always surprises in his 50th feature film “Coup and Chance” while Polanski “Castle” produced by Barbareschi (ubiquitous) – unsuccessful “sinepanettone”.

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