Venice-80, female appearance according to Domenico Vacca: passed and failed

Second meeting on Funweek with comments from Domenico Vacca, who this time introduces us to the women’s choice. Clothes, accessories and makeup are essential to making the red carpet memorable. But Which of the main characters in Venice 80 made the right choice? Let’s watch it together.

10. Charlotte Rampling

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Mrs. Rampling could have done better: her black dress doesn’t convince me, the hole in the front doesn’t help, and the plate accessory covering the hole doesn’t help either. But that’s not all: the shoes are absolutely not for the red carpet.

Advise: If you don’t want to wear high heels on the red carpet, the alternative is just black flats like Audrey Hepburn.

9. Alba Rohrwacher

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While I really appreciate the fashion house that created her dress, the curtain effect is too obvious in this case. Fold after fold: too much.

Advise: There are many fashion houses, you need to find the right one for the occasion and body type.

8. Mariacarla Boscano

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A dissonant note in the symphony of the Venice Film Festival red carpet. The sexy image of Little Red Riding Hood could have been avoided. In fact, this should have been avoided.

Advise: No advice for the wise…

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7. Kasia Smutnyak

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I’m still trying to understand the meaning of this look. A man’s look would suit a woman, but the jacket was too big. The shirt and skirt, however, are flawless and do not deserve praise.

Advise: a man’s look on a woman should not only be impeccable in terms of wear, but also have its own stylistic justification.

6. Greta Bellamacina

Photo on Instagram @gretabellamacina

Beautiful dress, but I would choose a different color, perhaps Valentino red from the fashion house that made this dress.

Advise: On the red carpet, colors that are too light look very “ghostly.”

5. Isabelle Huppert

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Sorry, but this much-praised dress reminds me of a huge silver moonshoe.

Advise: There are so many beautiful dresses to choose from.

4. Sofia Coppola

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Simple and elegant. A good choice for a director on the red carpet. A transparent top that creates mystery and without exaggeration covers the shoulders and arms.

Advise: Keep it up.

3. Benedetta Porcaroli

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It looks like a Valentino dress, but it’s not. The right choice, simple, elegant and above all “red carpet”.

Advise: Next time maybe be a little bolder.

2. Bianca Balti

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She is gorgeous and the dress is very beautiful, which brings out her beauty and supermodel charisma. The color is also beautiful.

Advise: Keep it up.

1. Jessica Chastain

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100% Hollywood diva. A beautiful dress that suits her very well. Beautiful color and deep neckline at just the right point.

Advise: Next time maybe a front slit which I’m sure will highlight her beautiful legs.

I recommend for everyone: Do not choose clothes by first choosing a fashion house and then a dress, do exactly the opposite.

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