Venice 80. Giuseppe Bonifati in the film “Ferrari” with Penelope Cruz, at the competition

VENICE – Giuseppe Bonifati is one of the key characters in the film. ferrari, which will be presented at the world premiere and in competition at the next Venice Film Festival. Directed by Michael Mann, the film will be released in US theaters on December 25.

Bonifati plays Giacomo Cuogi, a friend and colleague of Enzo Ferrari, the entrepreneur who created the iconic car. In the film, Adam Driver plays Enzo Ferrari, Penélope Cruz plays his wife Laura Ferrari.

As for the experience on set, it was “enriching,” says the actor, “I would say it was almost a master class where I was able to work alongside a director who pays close attention to every detail: the pose, the tension of the gesture, or the how he grasps. object in a non-obvious way. It’s also to be admired that Michael Mann managed to make the film he’s wanted to make for at least twenty years.”

On set with Ridley Scott. Bonifati was already working on the film. All the money in the worldRidley Scott and the BBC series US with Tom Hollander. Among his highly original recent projects, after Art Party and Artbulanza, are Det Flyvende Teater/Il Teatro Volante. “This is a unique format in the world that started with a two-year pilot project at Billund Airport (Denmark, ed.). Since February last year, we have even created a theater studio. With our team of actors, singers and dancers, we interact like an airline with passengers from all over the world.

We surprise them with unique artistic experiences: performing and doing work at gates, terminals and baggage claim. The hangars host events such as theatrical or dance performances.” Our particular version of the work has been done recently. GullAnton Chekhov. The flying theater is also presented in the hangars of other national and international airports and at festivals (for example, in Timisoara, the European Capital of Culture) and will tour various Scandinavian countries in the fall with the possibility of continuing in Europe and Europe. Italy next year.

Current work and future projects. Bonifati, born in 1985, of Calabrian origin – he was born in Castrovillari, in the province of Cosenza – almost twenty years ago began to restore some of the sonorities, languages ​​​​and “vitalism typical of the South and the Mediterranean” with Charmedfrom The Fireflies Trilogy. He recently gave a masterclass in urban performance for second-year students of the Naples School of Theater at the invitation of Renato Carpentieri, with whom he worked on a version of the opera. mountain giantsLuigi Pirandello.

He is working on his directorial debut on a set between Denmark and Calabria: it’s about Revenge is a dish best served cold., a revenge film remastered in a modern key and inspired by the tragedy of Hamlet. After the Hollywood experience in All the money in the worlddirected by Ridley Scott, along with Kevin Spacey, Mark Wahlberg, Christopher Plummer, Michelle Williams, Timothy Hutton and the BBC series USTogether with Sophie Grobeul and Tom Hollander (who also praised Bonifati in the London Times), the Italian artist Giuseppe Bonifati will therefore stop in Venice and the New York Film Festival.

Ferrari movie. In the cast of the film ferrari there’s also Shailene Woodley, Patrick Dempsey, Jack O’Connell, Sarah Gadon and Gabrielle Leone. The screenplay, which Mann himself wrote in collaboration with Troy Kennedy Martin, is inspired by a book by Brock Yeats. Enzo Ferrari – Man and Machine. Legendary director Heat, Pledge, Last of the Mohicanstwenty years later he succeeded in carrying out this important project.

Set in 1957, the film tells a story intertwining Ferrari’s personal life and racing life, such as the tragic Mille Miglia race of that year, marked by Alfonso De Portago’s accident and the risk of bankruptcy. Adam Driver will play Enzo Ferrari and Penelope Cruz will play Laura Ferrari. Giuseppe Bonifati will play the role of Giacomo Cuoga, Enzo Ferrari’s longtime friend and adviser.

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