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Red carpet for the ninth evening of the Venice Film Festival.

On the ninth evening of the Venice Film Festival, a presentation took place Lubo From Giorgio Diritti, the sixth and final Italian title in the Golden Lion list, touching on a dark and rarely mentioned chapter of Swiss history. On the red carpet, we saw looks with the same “imprint”: thin straps, a fitted line, a dizzying slit. The classic simple but effective (or perhaps just “comforting”) seductive dress, again offered with cutouts and various possible asymmetries, one-shoulder or not, with or without a train, mostly black, has been the choice of many female celebrities. who they marched on Thursday night. One for all Fiorenza D’Antonio.

A color highlight that deserves a mention is perhaps the printed dress. Margot Sicabonyiat Tiziano Guardini: one of the few reputable Italian brands that truly embrace the theme of ethical and environmental sustainability in fashion.
However, the royal and royal crowns of this red carpet go to the main characters of the feature film. Rights: Valentina Belle AND Franz Rogowski. It is unattainable in Saint Laurent, strictly black and long, enveloping, on one shoulder, with a high collar characterized by a picturesque wide sleeve with a train. For decoration – Pomellato jewelry. He looks incredible in an updated black tuxedo with a long jacket and very wide folded trousers that look like a skirt when you put your legs together. Dissident and very right.

Valentina Belle, tel.  Blessed Bressani
Valentina Belle, tel. Benedetta Bressani

Men’s images of Venice in the 80s.

The best men’s looks in blue Raoul Bova, Gianmarco Saurino AND James George. All three are suited with double-breasted jackets: soft Bova fabric with more relaxed lines, with a matching silk shirt and stand-up collar. A more casual oversized model is Valentino from the Saurino “Black Tie” collection. Subtle and structured, designed by Versace Giacomo Giorgio.

Sculpture of Elisabetta Gregoraci’s dress in Venice.

Special Mention Elisabetta Gregoraci, whose dress would certainly not have gone unnoticed if not for the fact that at first glance it inevitably refers to the models proposed by the famous historical (and very current) French fashion house. Spoiler: it’s not. What remained, however, was a remarkable piece, characterized by a sculpted cup of gold petals, like sculpted underwear, protruding from the plunging neckline of a shiny black long-sleeve dress with a small train. It is signed by Luana Polimeni.

Images of the tenth evening of Venice 80s

The tenth and penultimate night of Venice 80 was able to enjoy one of the rare American performances (and what a presence!) at this festival thanks to an exemption from the ongoing strike in the film sector in the States. It’s about Jessica Chastainwhich was held in a parade in honor of the film’s presentation Michael Franco, Memory size. And to be honest, he outshone all the other guests.

True to the Gucci brand, Chastain appeared in a long dress with a small train, completely embroidered with bronze-colored sequins, a deep V-neck and a huge collar. A flash of glitz and glamour.
all of Hollywood. Glitter is also for the singer Levantin a fitted black dress with spaghetti straps and embroidered lace that emerged from a structured neckline and flowed down the hips to knee level on both sides, creating a more romantic, sensual and sophisticated result.

A black dress is also romantic. Maria Pedrazalong, draped and form-fitting, with soft straps falling from the shoulders. Yoh. The neckline is accentuated by a diamond necklace. On the contrary, in white Alba Rohrwacher dressed in Dior: in the perfect style of Mariagrazia Chiuri (the creative director of the brand), the long dress consisted of a bodice woven from strips of fabric, which, together with an accentuated waist, formed straps that crossed the shoulders and flowed into a long skirt. under. On the part of men, charm rewards Guillaume Canetimpeccable in a black Giorgio Armani tuxedo.

Jessica in Venice 80, tel.  Benedetta Bressani
Jessica Chastain, tel. Benedetta Bressani
Levante in Venice 80, tel.  Benedetta Bressani
Levante, tel. Benedetta Bressani

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