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SIX ITALIANS. Commander From Edward DeAngelis: Pierfrancesco Favino as Salvatore Todaro, commander of the Capellini submarine, which used cannons instead of torpedoes. And that after sinking a cargo ship, he saved all 23 surviving crew members. Because the Italians, he said, have a 2000-year history. This did not please the German allies. me captain From Matthew Garrone talking about a young couple migrants flee from Dakar to Europe. Finally dawn From Xavier Costanzo it is the adventure of an aspiring actress in Cinecitta while the body of Wilma Montesi is found on the seashore, a scandal in Christian Democratic Italy. Aeneassecond job Peter Castellitto After Predators still offers characters that are on the fringes of the rules. Director Alberto Barbera called it a “great ugliness”. With Any of George Wrights sees Franz Grotowski as a nomad and street artist and later as a World War II soldier in search of children taken from him to participate in a racist eugenics program. Slowly From Stefano Sollima tells of the escape of a teenager caught in a spiral of blackmail.


BIOGRAPHY. The life of Enzo Ferrari at the time of the Mille Miglia, narrated Michael Mann: ferrari played by Adam Driver. Bradley Cooper in the second direction after A star is born try again with Owneror Leonard Bernstein, child prodigy, the first conductor born in America, son of Polish immigrants, composer of music West Side Story. Sofia CoppolaAfter Maria Antonietta tells Priscillawife of Elvis Presley. Bastarden From Nikolai Arcel This is the story of (disgraced) Captain Ludvid Kalen about his conquest of the Danish marshes in the 700s. The captain is Mads Mikkelsen. Last biography, extreme, El Conde From Pablo Larrainor Augusto Pinochet, turned vampire, decides to end his earthly adventure at 250 years old.

Poor things

FANTASIES AND NIGHTMARES. Poor things : Yorgos Lanthimos offers “steampunk”; a dead woman brought back to life escapes with a lawyer. Emma Stone as the resurrected, shattered but stitched Willem Dafoe – her Dr. Frankenstein.
La Beth From Bertan Bonello begins in 1910, passes through 2014 and reaches 2044. Or Lea Seydoux uses a machine to clean her DNA, immersing her in previous lives.


GRAPHIC NOVEL. David Fincher and screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker (together they created Seven) take on 12 volumes of the French graphic novel Matz and Jacamon. le Thor . MurdererStarring Michael Fassbender talks about the crisis of a professional assassin who discovers the political implications of his contracts.
glamping. Evil does not exist Ryusuke Hamaguchi, author drive my car. Hypothesis is that next to a very traditional village there will be a glamping site, a glamorous camping site with advanced technology, which will lead to water instability.
CASTES. Are there castes in America? According to Pulitzer Prize winner Isabelle Wilkerson, yes: it is an invisible system of division and control that originates in the machinery of India and Nazi Germany. From Wilkerson’s book Caste The origins of our discontent Ava du Vernet, Director selmahe drew Source

Allem theory

QUANTUM. Allem’s theory Tim Kroger looks like a black and white thriller theory of everything and quantum physics, set in the Swiss mountains in 1962.
REST. It’s a cryptic verb denoting a plot Memory Michel Franco, Director New order AND Sunset. A couple that fights trauma and dementia. “Staycation” is a stay at home in New York.

dog man

DOGS. dog man Luc Besson presents a very violent trailer, which concludes that the little boy, abandoned by his father to sleep among the dogs when he grew up, becomes a kind of avenging prankster.
BORDERS. The crisis between Poland and Belarus at the time of the humanitarian crisis. come back Agnieszka Holland Europe Europe with a history of used and rejected migrants: green border, green border
TRANSGENDER. Kobieta Z Malgorzata Szumowska and Michal Englert tackle the problem of transgender people in Poland: the story of Adam, a husband and father who feels uncomfortable in his body
POWERS. Holly Fien Troh. Why did Holly stay at home the day the school burned down? Why is Holly able to give so much energy to others? Where does he get it from?

Snacks Season

LATE LOVE. Fifteen years after their story, Laurent and Helene meet again by chance. Love Snacks Season For Stefan Brizedirector of a trilogy of work with Lyndon.


Coupe de Chance

JUDGE.Coupe de chanceLuck, Woody Allen’s fiftieth film, the first in French, is a thriller about an ex that reappears when the bourgeois lady gets bored.

ERRORS. Castle Roman Polanski is set in a hotel in Gstaad on December 31, 1999, when the millennium error, a disaster due to computers in the year 2000, was expected.

Wonderful HS story

Fortune tellers. In 37 minutes the history of Road Dahl The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugarwho saw the cards without using the eyes. Wes Anderson’s second time with Dahl after mr fox

CATASTROPHE.Order of timeor how the end of the world could come during a birthday party by the sea directed by Liliana Cavani based on Rovelli’s novel of the same name May.
pillory Luke Barbareschidirector and performer Penitent. rational personthe story of a psychiatrist who refuses to testify on behalf of his client and subsequent prosecution


GIVEN WHICH IS NOT. Quentin Dupiercrazy surrealist jaws (two lunatics with a giant fly), in Daaaali recounts the grueling sequence of meetings to produce a never-before-produced documentary about the Spanish artist.

rebellion From the end William Friedkins he arrives Kane Mutiny – Court Martial, a new take on Herman Wouk’s best-selling book, which was also a Humphrey Bogart movie: Commander with a Nervous Breakdown Fired Second. Updated from WWII to the coast of Iran.


INFRARED. AGGRO DR1FT From Harmony Korin. rapper story. They say everything is infrared. Will it be true?FAKE KILLERS killer, the life of an undercover detective posing as a murderer. Director Richard Linklater
CANNIBALS JA Bayona is back with Snow Society about the 1972 plane crash in which Andes survivors had to feed on the dead.
JOURNALISTS Alix Delaporte V alive talks about the difficult career of a woman in the world of television news
CLAIMS While making a film about struggling workers, a director finds himself in a fight with his workers. AND Manufacturing From Cedric Khan
LEOPARDS The shepherd and his son are wondering if they should kill or not, as he has already slaughtered 9 sheep. Xue BaoSnow Leopard.

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