Venice 80, the red carpet of today’s Venice Film Festival: report card

Evgenia Silva, pink plumage


Spanish model Evgenia Silva Elegant black color match with pink feather cape, the effect is dreamy and flattering

7th grade

Six-legged red carpet: Caterina Murino

Now you understand it. We have a weakness for the godmother, Katerina Murino. But tonight, she easily wins on the red carpet she brought with her four-legged friend.

7th grade

Christiana Capotondi returns to Venice


A year after the birth of Anna’s daughter, here she is Christian Capotondi on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival. Having worked as an advisor to the Experimental Film Center, the actress is elegant and radiant.

8th grade


Winged shoes by Alberto Fortis

We know perfectly well what he thinks of Rome, as well as “his” Milan. What do you think of Venice? No. But Alberto Fortis he is on the red carpet wearing a shiny collarless shirt (Rating 5) but luxurious winged shoes (Rating 9).

Average is good 7 and a half

Wedges are not


In search of witty and spectacular shoes, it should be decisively abandoned. The owner is unknown, but the shoes are NOT.

4th grade

Golden Domopack Effect

A guest, probably, can afford a lot, but the effect of a golden housepack from a dress strewn with roses, including in the neckline, does not flatter the figure and gives a dubious result.

5th grade

Alice Pagani of the colored sky

Alice Pagani the color of a clear sky on the Lido, a twenty-five-year-old actress Baby AND Do not kill me gracefully defiles on the red carpet in a dress that resembles a weasel.

7th grade

Mads in its purest form


Mads Mikkelsen in white at the Lido. The Bastardin star walks the red carpet for fun. And frankly accompanies his fellow adventurers.

Rating 7.5

Michaela for the first time

He smiles Michaela Ramazzotti. And rightly so: he is on the Lido with his directorial debut. Happy and brave

Rating 7.5

Rodriguez with lemon


Cecilia Rodriguez stands out on the red carpet in a yellow outfit. And summer is still here.

6th grade

Bravo Bravo!


A cameo worth remembering. Not only the one in Saverio Costanzo’s film. And also Michele Bravi on the Lido red carpet.

7th grade

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