Venice, exhibition defeats monsters

The Venice Film Festival, which ended yesterday, won the film “Poor Folks” and took 80th place, although he is now 91 years old. A very fascist institution, founded in 1932, it is the world’s oldest film festival, a model and the envy of many, demonstrating that certain “Fascism did good things too” clichés sometimes have a strong historical basis. Perhaps this is due to the innate elegance of the old style, or perhaps to the imprint that since the 1930s has called for a “return to order”, but the fact remains that the exhibition retains its exquisitely conservative spirit. This year, all the trendiest progressive, feminist, environmental, anti-sovereign, anti-patriarchal, cloying demands were poorly washed ashore at the Lido. The activists’ cries against Woody Allen were drowned out by the applause in the hall. The sovereignty battle in favor of the movie “Made in Italy” by Commander Favino, like any Adolfo Urso, ultimately became the best performance of the festival. Demands on the topic of inclusivity have stalled: When someone at a press conference asked for more gays on submarines or more people of color in 18th-century Denmark, the response was either confusion or laughter. After all, the best Afro performance in Laguna was Kanye West’s performance with his wife on a boat, but it wasn’t a movie. And on the very first day, the exhibition and Venice were saved from the flood by the much controversial Moses. With all due respect to red carpet environmentalists.

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