Venice Film Festival 2023: guest film program of events on September 2

Venice Festival 2023 Roman Polanski Palace Mickey Rourke

Venice Film Festival 2023, today’s program. Unrecognizable Mickey Rourke Castle Roman Polanski (Out of competition)

The weekend starts and Venice Film Festival 2023 reveal big names. Venice Film Festival this is the day Owner featuring Bradley Cooper (who will not be there) and the third Italian film in the competition Slowly Stefano Sollima. They are in competition. dropped out of the race Castle From Roman Polanski.

Venice Festival 2023 Maestro Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper Owner

Trailer of Roman Polanski’s film “Palace” out of competition “Venice-80”

Venice Film Festival 2023: The film competition will take place today, Saturday, September 2nd.

“MAESTRO” by Bradley Cooper, Carey Mulligan and Matt Bomer. Maya Hawk, Sarah Silverman, Josh Hamilton. A tribute to life and art, this is a moving epic portrait of family and love. In the center is a long-standing relationship between Leonard Bernstein and his wife Felicia Montealegre Cohn Bernstein.

“Adagio” by Stefano Sollima with Pierfrancesco Favino, Toni Servillo, Valerio Mastandrea, Adriano Giannini, Gianmarco Franchini, Francesco Di Leva (September 2). Manuel is 16 years old and tries to enjoy life as much as possible while taking care of his elderly father. A victim of blackmail, she goes to a party to take a picture of a mysterious man. Feeling betrayed, he decides to run away, becoming embroiled in matters far beyond his reach. In fact, the blackmailers turn out to be extremely dangerous and determined to eliminate an inconvenient witness. The boy will have to ask for protection from two former criminals Maliana Groupold acquaintances of the father.

program of the Venice Film Festival 2023 film in competition story cast adagio

Slowly Stefano Sollima

Venice 2023: more films to watch on Saturday, September 2

PALACE Roman Polanski with Oliver Masucci, Fanny Ardant. John Cleese. Bronwyn James, Joaquim De Almeida. Luca Barbareschi, Milan Peschel, Fortunato Cerlino, Mickey Rourke (Out of competition). The Palace Hotel is a castle built in the early 1900s in the middle of a Swiss valley. Every year, rich and spoiled guests from all over the world gather in a gothic and fairy-tale atmosphere. It’s New Year’s Eve 2000. At the service of their extravagant needs is a flock of waiters, porters, cooks and administrators. What is being prepared is really one war is waged with extravagance and the eccentricities of the hotel guests. In an absurd comedy, black and provocative. Epilogue of the century. The end of a whole and contradictory millennium. And the Millennium Mistakes nightmare. Polanski says he watched guests at Gstadt Palace a lot…

AGGRO DR1FT Harmony Korine with Travis Scott and Jordi Molla (out of competition). In Miami’s seedy underworld killer expert he sets out on a relentless search for his next target. Taken entirely from thermal lenses, a man moves into a perverted world where violence and madness reign. Are you ready for psychedelic journeyblurring the line between predator and prey? Director: “I didn’t really want to make a film. I wanted to do what happens after the movie. I wanted to be inside the world. Something like video games. But who is playing?

Venice Festival 2023

DARIO ARGENTO: PANIC by Simone Scapfidi (Venetian classic). first biopic which explores the life and great works of the Italian thrill master. Journey between fiction and reality with the participation of foreign guests. Dario Argento wrote his most famous films inhotel interior, completely isolating himself from external reality and immersed in his own nightmares. On the advice of his agent, he decides to return to the hotel to finish a new script. And for him to be interviewed, filmed and watched by a film crew making a film about him.

Venice 2023: guests will arrive today, Saturday 2 September.

Tony Leung Chiu-Wai. Darius Silver. Stefano Sollima, Toni Servillo and Pierfrancesco Favino, Valerio Mastandrea, Adriano Giannini. Luke Barbareschi. Fanny ArdanOliver Masucci Carla Brown, Jamie Bernstein. Harmony Korine, Marisa Paredes.

Venice 2023: Events Saturday 2 September

14.15 in the Great Hall of the Palazzo del Cinema, the ceremony of presenting the second Golden Lion for outstanding services.. Award-winning Chinese actor Tony Leung Chiu-Wai (Infernal Affairs, In the Mood for Love, Bullet to the Head, City of Sorrows, Hero, Lust). Should The lion’s share: the history of the exhibition: documentary with voice Carla Brown.

15.30 Press conference room: Wes Anderson Master Classes

At 4.45 pm, the SIAE Andrea Purgatori Award for Distinguished Service was presented in the Sala Perla. Luque Guadagnino

award ceremony Kineo Award at Palazzo Ca Sagredo, Venice.

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