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TO Venice 80round round release Film Festival, all the names named the day before will remain confirmed? Director of the Venice Film Festival, Alberto Barberain a tweet he replies:All directorskeep Bradley Cooper. For actors too early to know.” After all, with the strike of the latter, which is still going on in Hollywood, something will inevitably change.

Venice Film Festival #80, Barber’s tweet confirms everyone but Bradley Cooper. “But it’s too early for the actors”

But not in the way the directors intended. Good for Woody Allen (who will present “Coup de Chance”), Wes Anderson (with the medium-length film The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar), Sofia Coppola (“Priscilla”) Xavier Costanzo (“Finally Dawn”) Edward DeAngelis (“Commander”), David Fincher (“Murderer”), Yorgos Lanthimos (“Poor things”) Pablo Larrain (“El Conde”) e Michael Mann (“Ferraris”).

he will be missed Bradley Cooperwho in Lido sees in competition”Owner“, a film in which he starred and starred as the legendary composer Leonard Bernstein. Produced Netflixthis is the second film with Cooper after “A star is born» 2018, since Lady Gaga.

A strike in Hollywood forces several absentees. Presale available from tomorrow

However, there will be several absentees among the cast. For sure Emma Stone from “La La Land” and just out of adversity “Believe the Creature!” (“Poor things”) by Yorgos Lanthimos. As for Italian names, instead of them there will be Pietro Castellitto, Valerio Mastandrea, Pierfrancesco Favino, Caterina Murino and Toni Servillo.

Among the doubtful guests is the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. However, the Minister of Culture will lead the world of politics Gennaro Sangiuliano.

The worst absence of all is the absence William Friedkins. In Venice, the recently deceased director of The Violent Hand of the Law was awaited as the last “Kane Mutiny Court Martial‘that recovery’exorcist“.

Tomorrow, Friday, August 11, at 15:00, the online sale of subscriptions and one-time admission to the screenings of the event scheduled for this year will begin. from August 30 to September 9.

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