Venice Film Festival: “Cinema is alive like never before. You will see it from August 30″ –

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“Cinema is alive as never before” – this is the spirit with which it opens.80th International Film Festival – in Venice Lido from from August 30 to September 9 – as stated by the director Alberto Barbera. Like last year, there are 23 films competing for the award. Golden Lion. Among them are the works of six Italian directors: Edward DeAngelis For Commander (With Pierfrancesco Favino), Matthew Garrone For I am the captain, Xavier Costanzo For Finally dawn; Peter Castellitto For Aeneas; George Wrights For Ljubo AND Stefano Sollima For Slowly (With Toni Servillo and Valerio Mastandrea and Favino). In the race too Owner From Bradley Cooper; ferrari From Michael Mann With Adam Driver AND Penelope Cruz; Murderer From David Fincher With Michael Fassbender, Poor things Greek talent Yorgos Lanthimos With Emma Stone. In the end, Priscilla new long-awaited film “daughters of art” Sofia Coppolaabout the real story of his wife Elvis Presley.


“Even the audiovisual industry shows its weaknesses, cinema is alive like never before continues and explains director Barbera, “the completion of the lengthy process of selecting films proposed for the Venice International Film Festival seems to be a confirmation of this, despite the difficulties that had to be faced this year as well. The confirmation is not only quantitative, but, above all, the quality of the crop, to use an overused metaphor. Notable authors who fully express their extraordinary creative abilities, solid directors which confirm their talent and ability to interpret the present and its anxieties, newcomers that haunt the generations that preceded them, forging new paths to the future that awaits us, and The number of female directors is on the rise which give us hope for the future and the desired gender equality.

Today, more than ever, the words written by Jean Epstein in 1921 sound prophetic: “Film, like modern literature, accelerates unstable metamorphisms. The aesthetic changes from autumn to spring. We are talking about the eternal canons of beauty, when two consecutive Bon Marché catalogs make these nonsense useless. It is appropriate to remember this when we are going to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the exhibition, the hope that the program not only reflects the vitality of contemporary cinema, but also helps to build confidence in a future that offers such ambitious challenges.but also opportunities and new frontiers.”

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