Venice Film Festival: today’s program 2 September

Third Italian film “Lion Hunt”. Slowly it’s a comeback Stefano Sollima – after the American experience and series – to the cinematic history of his city of Rome. A trilogy that started from the end crime novel AND AKAB against the backdrop of an incendiary summer with Pierfrancesco Favino, Valerio Mastandrea, Toni Servillo in the role of the three criminals of the Banda della Magliana, now apparently disappeared from sight. “After my experience abroad, I finally got back to talking about my city. Rome has changed, and so have I,” says the director in his director’s notes, “watching it with different eyes, walking through its streets at a different pace. Proverb. In this film, I chronicle the inexorable and torturous decline of three old legends of crime-Rome in search of an impossible redemption. But there is a glimmer of light. New Generation”.

Love and Violence at the Film Festival. And Venice reflected in the colors of Rome

from our correspondent Arianna Finos

Manuel, a sixteen-year-old boy, tries to enjoy life to the best of his ability while taking care of his elderly father. A victim of blackmail, he goes to a party to take a picture of a mystery man, but feeling cheated, decides to run away. As such, he is pursued by blackmailers who prove to be extremely dangerous and determined to eliminate what they consider an inconvenient witness. Manuel realizes that he is entangled in something bigger than himself, and will be forced to seek protection from two former criminals, old acquaintances of his father.

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Today is also the day of the highly anticipated biopic about Leonard Bernstein, Owner second director’s test Bradley Cooper who made his directorial debut here with Lady Gaga in a historical preview A star is born then arrived at the Oscars. Out of solidarity with fellow actors on strike, and because he himself is a union member, Cooper decided not to attend the premiere, but in recent days he has secretly visited Mostra to check. Finally produced and distributed by Netflix. Movie of the Year (November in select theaters, then on stage in December), the film chronicles the life of one of the most famous composers and conductors of all time, who died in 1990. The American conductor led the New York Philharmonic and is remembered for his film soundtrack. West Side Story. The film tells the story of an artist and a man in an agonizing relationship with his wife, played by Carey Mulligan. Controversy preceded the film in the US: Bradley Cooper’s decision to wear a prosthetic nose in the film to play Leonard Bernstein, the son of Ukrainian Jewish immigrants, was seen by some as a way to fuel stereotypes about Jews. The composer’s children came out in defense of the film, and the controversy subsided (for a while).

“The Palace”, a film by Roman Polanski at the Venice Film Festival

It won’t be in the Lido – but for completely different reasons – Roman Polanski who sent the last film out of competition here castle. A farce set in a large hotel in the Swiss mountains, an unusual castle designed in the early 1900s by a mystical architect in the middle of a snowy valley. Every year, rich, spoiled and perverted guests from all over the world gather to celebrate the New Year, but one once-in-a-lifetime event has brought them all together: the advent of the new millennium. Their extravagant needs are served by a gaggle of waiters, porters, cooks and administrators. As the new millennium dawns, Hansueli, a dedicated fifty-year-old manager of a luxury hotel, checks the staff almost militarily before guests arrive on New Year’s Eve 2000, repeating that it’s not the end of the world. .

In the Mood for Love is back in theaters. Ten things worth going back to see him on the big screen

by Chiara Ugolini

Today is also the Golden Lion Day for Lifetime Achievement. Tony Leung unforgettable star of such a cult film as love mood. He will direct the Golden Lion twice. Ang Lee withhold the praise of the Hong Kong actor when presenting the Golden Lion to the actor. Lee won the Golden Lion in 2005 for Brokeback mountain. The ceremony will take place on Saturday, September 2, at 14.15 in the Great Hall of the Palazzo del Cinema (Lido di Venezia). This will be followed by an out-of-competition special screening The lion’s share: the history of the exhibition (France, Italy, 57 minutes) Batista Echegaray and Giuseppe Buchi. Today is also the day of another award winner: the SIAE Andrea Purgatori Memorial Award presented to the director and screenwriter for his career. Luca Guadagnino.

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