Venice red carpet: because there are influencers, models and former men and women here

Because the parade of influencers in Venice
Influential people at the Venice Film Festival: the reason for their participation –

The controversy continues around them. influential people and international models: do they really deserve to walk the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival?

Never liked this year’s presence influential people on the red carpet Venice Film Festival aroused a strong sense of general indignation. Once dwarfed by the glamor and charisma of Hollywood stars, national reality TV contestants have taken on one of the most important and world-famous film events. The strikes that engulfed studios Los Angeles keep stars and divas away from our country and force us to accept the bitter truth: public figures are multiplying and they gradually acquire a power that may not suit their “career”.

A landmark video has gone viral online, where a journalist ironically asks a colleague: “How can I define it? The ones from Temptation Island? a justified inconvenience, given that celebrities of the stature such as Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz, as well as Sophia Loren, Pierfrancesco Favino and many others have marched along this ghostly red carpet. Therefore, we cannot blame the sovereign public, ready to absorb the magic of the Venice Film Festival, disappointed by the so-called VIPs confidently posing in front of photographers as if returning from the nomination for David di Donatello.

Why models ed. influential people invited to a big screen event? This question was asked by many users on social networks. One question, one answer. It’s about business – as always – influential people parade for the brandwith the aim of attracting followers and therefore increasing your bank account.

Influential people conquer the Venice Film Festival, why are they walking the red carpet?

VIPs, actors, producers, directors and models walk the same red carpet, but the meaning given to them by the public, journalists and paparazzi is completely different. We need to reduce the importance of posing for photographers by focusing solely on motivation what lies behind the coveted invitation. It is a great honor for an actor to take part, especially when it comes to the presentation of a film in which he will be the main character. The situation is different if we are talking about a “digital entrepreneur”.

Giulia De Lellis at the Venice Film Festival
Backstage at Giulia De Lellis at the Venice Film Festival – photo: Instagram @giuliadelellis103 –

Let’s talk about marketing. Influencers are “accepted” not by the festival, but by a specific brand. Events of this type are an excellent and effective showcase aimed at focusing on designer clothes and luxurious makeup. From Armani Beauty To Kerastasewho train the stars; until you get to Versace, Valentine AND Gucci – who instead dress world stars and divas. All influencers need to do is show clothing and accessories to the general public to enable the brand to advertise itself explicitly.

Julia De Lellis, Beatrice Valli, “those from the Isle of Temptation” and many others, so the Venice Film Festival it’s a fashion show like any other. It doesn’t matter if it is an artistic event, the purpose of which is to present the first works and cinematic productions of the highest quality. Target celebrity reality remains the same, regardless of the occasion to which they are invited. And for the uninitiated, even ordinary viewers, with some savings, can directly experience the magic of international cinema.

How to get to the Venice Film Festival, buying a ticket

No red carpet for regular viewers, but there is the opportunity to preview the films presented and see iconic domestic and international stars in the distance. Journalists and students can demand concessions, the Biennale allows everyone else. to buy a ticket like any other show, on the official website of the Venice Film Festival.

Paolo Sorrentino at the Venice Film Festival
How to buy a ticket to the Biennale – photo: ansa –

A subscription that allows you to view and enjoy all programs costs 1600 euro (depending on the show time); To instead attend the debut of one film, you can buy a ticket for a modest amount. 15 euros in the Great Hall for daytime shows, and for one evening show, the cost can increase up to 50 euros.

As expected, it is also possible accreditation for students, journalists and professionals. In particular, you can request press accreditation (written, online, photographers, press services and radio / television), industry accreditation (audiovisual and similar), film delegations accreditation (co-authors of submitted films), cinema accreditation (cameramen in the cultural field), student accreditation universities and, finally, any advertising card for viewers under 26 and over 60 who are not related to the world of cinema.

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