Venice red carpet, report card. Here is Bella Thorne with her new boyfriend.

This is the reason for the red carpet. Priscillathe film that Sofia Coppola he dedicated his very young wife Elvis Presley. In addition to the cast (highly acclaimed Jacob Elordi it’s Elvis) applaud barriers real Priscilla Beaulieu78 years old, carried out elegantly.

Priscilla Presley: “Elvis never had sex at 14. He loved me because I knew how to listen.”

from our correspondent Arianna Finos

Bella Thorne and new boyfriend Mark Emms

Bella Thorne she said yes again after failing relationship with benji now she is promised to producer Mark Emms. With him, she walks the red carpet of the Exhibition. The dress is elegant, with a stole fluttering in the wind of a Venetian evening, the hairstyle gives it more than many past.

7th grade

Magnificent cutlet


wonderful thought, Patty Right on the red carpet in Venice. We always play with our hands in a dress whose two-tone sleeves we really liked.

7th grade

Miss Botticella

Miss Italy 1996 Danny Mendesthe first Miss of non-Italian descent is beautiful on the red carpet, but the barrel-effect dress doesn’t do it justice.

5th grade

Godmother 2023


Here you are Rocio Munoz Morales, the godmother of the last edition, in a white tight-fitting uniform. We really like the braid.

8th grade

Kasia Smutnyak… well

The idea is intriguing: a man’s jacket, tie and long skirt, but the effect leaves us bewildered. Kasia Smutnyak always amazing, but this time… max.

6th grade

Bianca Guacchero and her back


The package is obedient, the writer has a weakness for cutouts on the back. Bianca Guacchero enchant with a dress with an open back.

8th grade

Ferretti – Lo Schiavo are very suitable


A creative couple and during their lifetime Oscar winners, outstanding masters of scenography and costumes, Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo after so many years of collaboration and relationship, they must have learned to complement each other. Even in appearance.

7th grade

Miss Chickens


Chickens with hemp, model and influencer with nearly 4 million followers. Okay, in 2023 we may no longer believe the superstition about purple at premieres, but the dress is reminiscent of American high school proms. Dubious choice.

4th grade

Bianca Brandolini is so-so


Bianca Brandolinimodel, actress, princess-mother and count-father (but aren’t we in a republic?) in this lace jacket, she seems to have dressed with her grandmother’s napkin.

5th grade

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