Venice: you travel, you dream, you remember the past

At a meeting with the public, she appears in a long fuchsia dress, which, perhaps, does not suit her. But madam Huppert, however, it displaces air. And he changes the fate of any film in which he plays. The same is true with “Sidoni in Japan» French Eliza Girard. Presented in competition Authors dayswill be distributed in cinemas from Academy Two. It is easy to understand whose main merit is the acquisition of the film for the Italian market.

Double Volpi Cup for Best Actress – many times ShowHuppert debuts in Jornath. The Festival Section is independent and parallel to the Official Selection, which always does a great job with the selection.

SidoniesParisian writer, who is experiencing not only a creative crisis, comes to Japan for a short business trip. She meets a local love, the ghost of her dead husband taking a shower in a hotel, a new life.

“This journey takes my character from the past to the present and then embraces the future – Huppert explains “And it combines the classicism of Japan with its modernity in both an aesthetic and mental journey.”

“Sidonie au Japan” has its merits, style and content. But twenty years laterLost in translation» From Sofia Coppola (it’s right here at the exhibition he revealed his talent Scarlett Johansson), it seems hard to think that the meeting point of Westerners and Japanese You always get away from the usual hassle of exchanging and falling asleep due to jet lag. Even if Huppertaccused of a bewitching sobriety which made him “Mariannefrench cinema, runs the risk of convincing: “The beauty of this film is precisely in its ability to connect with silence. A typical characteristic of Japan.

Meanwhile, race for Golden Lion promote. AND “Poor things (poor creatures)” From Yorgos Lanthimos it is still his gem. The work that blew up a wealthy Greek director Hollywood from majors (producer of the Disney group) at the European Film Championship, continues after “Most lovely“his path to a cinema that is closer to the tastes of the general public, but without losing the author’s style.

From the novel of the same name Alasdair Graya formidable and fantastic journey of a young woman, created in the laboratory – phenomenal Emma Stone who is applying for Volpi Cupalready won forLa La Land– in search of himself and a way to save the world from its ugliness.

For the mind with which he deals with the issue of female emancipation, this is anti- “Barbie” they were waitingall those who didn’t love”Barbie“. The counter offer came quickly. At the cinema in winter. Ready for the rush Oscar, right along with Barbie.

Xavier Costanzo returns to cinema after a successful experience in TV series Paradise (“Shiny friend“). Devotion “Finally dawn” To Pope Mauritius. But also to your partner Alba Rohrwacher, to which he gives a black-and-white film opening in the film. And, of course, Cinecitta.

Young mimosa (Good Rebecca Antonachi), To Rome belonging fifties live an unforgettable and intense day among the main characters Hollywood on the Tiber.

This is a very modern piece., because it’s very old. A trip to post-war Italy in celluloid, full of dreams and pettiness. He takes a lot of risks. Including the risk of winking Fellini (“White Sheik“,”Sweet life“). But without defiling the master. The merit of firm honesty, which Constantius he never refuses a fabulous ending, which, unfortunately, will stain the immaculate tablecloth. Distributed by Paradise Cinema, ‘Finally Dawn’ is out on Christmas Day.

From Federico Fumagalli

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