Venom 3 – Tom Hardy Sequel Villain Identity Revealed?

According to some rumors, the identity of the Venom 3 villain, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, was to be confirmed. So let’s find out who it is.

After months of rumors and speculationVenom 3 Villain Personality – currently expected in theaters for July 12, 2024. According to an indiscretion reported by prominent buyer Daniel Ritchman, Chiwetel Ejiofor get dressed Really the role of Orwell Taylora former US Army general seeking revenge on Venom, who is responsible, at least in the comics, for his son’s death.

Venom 3 – Will Chiwetel Ejiofor become a comic book villain?

Chiwetel Ejiofor so they will take the place of Riz Ahmed and Woody Harrelson, interpreters of the villains of the first two chapters – Carlton Drake and serial killer Cletus Cassidy/Carnage. At the moment, indiscretion not yet confirmed from Marvel and Sony, but the identity of Ejiofor’s character – the former face of Karl Mordo in the MCU – matches the working title of the feature film, or Orwell.

As already mentioned, Orwell Taylor This former US Army generalwho decides to create and lead a group known as Jury for the sole purpose avenge his son’s death, caused by Venom. The team is equipped with powerful armor and technology based on some models stolen from Tony Stark and several powerful flamethrowers. In a feature film Jury therefore, he could have been hired by the American government, which was always looking for an effective way to destroy the alien symbiote. However, at the moment, the names of the stars who could play Taylor’s allies have not been disclosed. In fact, only the presence of the main character, as well as Ejiofor, was confirmed in the cast, Tom Hardy – the face of journalist Eddie Brock, Venom’s “guest” – and Juno Temple, in a yet unknown role. Instead, he will take care of directing and writing. Kelly Marcelalready the author of the first two chapters of the saga, who took the place of Andy Serkis – behind the camera of the second episode and is currently busy with other projects. Hardy Then participated in writing the script. Shooting Venom 3 – started in recent months in Spain – were interrupted due to SAG-AFTRA union strike currently in progress, even if a few photos of the project had already been leaked online prior to the shutdown. Villain Casting Chiwetel Ejiofor this would be compatible with the choice to make the actor the main character in only one chapter of the franchise, since the star is already committed to the long run in the MCU. Awaiting official confirmation, we just have to wait for more updates.

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