Verón: “I would have loved to have a talk with Maradona, but there was a recommendation not to do it because it was no longer him”

Juan Sebastián Verón referred to the particular relationship, “of love and hate”, that he established with Diego Armando Maradona. He was his partner in Boca Juniors for a semester and later he had him as coach of the Argentine team at the World Cup in South Africa 2010. There was a break that lasted until the last days of the Ten, when he was in Gimnasia La Plata as a coach and La Brujita in Estudiantes as president. Why was there no way to fix it?

“For the players of our time, arriving in Italy was reaching Maradona’s football. We got up to see Diego’s Napoli. Go to the San paolo the first time, with all that it represented ”, was the preamble by Verón, who later left everyone speechless in the program’s studio F90 from ESPN referring to his attempt to put things back together with Maradona: “I would have liked, I would have loved to have a chat. I wanted to have it, but it was difficult. In the middle there was a recommendation of ‘look, it’s not him anymore’. And it couldn’t “.

The 46-year-old from La Plata continued with his version: “There was a lot of talk. It is difficult to speak, it is complex not to have an answer on the other side, but I know well the relationship I had, I know well what I did at that time of selection within the selection, that apart from playing, without having the title, I was entrusted for other issues that passed very around. And I had a chat with him after the first game. I know well what he told me and what I told him”.

Maradona and Verón, during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa (AP)
Maradona and Verón, during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa (AP)

Juan Ramón Verón, the WitchHe had been critical of Maradona after the World Cup for the limited – and tactically wrong – participation of his son in the contest. “There are personal things about me, even about football, that I don’t talk about. I don’t have the need to tell it. I try to solve them and if they give me anguish or sadness, I channel them into my career. My career was that way, after 2002 with everything that happened and was said. I always tried to take charge of things and with Diego the same thing happened”.

Oscar Ruggeri, who had a fun crossover with the guest at the start of the programHe took the floor and imagined what a reunion between Maradona and Verón would have been like: “Do you know how it ended? Without words, with a hug. As it happened to me ”. While the Little witch He added: “I know Diego, in that climb he always goes for more. He seeks the answer from the other side. When the camera is on it is one thing, when it is off it is another. I shared Boca and that selection period and I know that it would have been different to have had a talk there and also to have remembered everything we talked about and were able to have in that selection period ”.

And the idol of Click He shared a final reflection: “There remains the sadness of someone who, in football terms, marked us a lot. Those we share as partners, that stage of selection, beyond the stories and everything that happened around, it’s a shame not to have it. It really is a shame. They should have taken care of it much more”.


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