Verona, “resistance” of the vinyl store “Dischi Volanti”. “I closed all social networks, people should meet again”

“The vinyl renaissance is the good news of recent years… the bad news is that radio and television have abandoned music.” Carlo Scardovelli deplores some programs “like an old yellow flag.” lucky that they resist V music stores: “We stay in place and help the customer navigate.”

stages of vinyl

Via Fama, a few steps from Piazza Erbe, Flying saucers AND the only store of its kind preserved in the city. A city that once had other must-see stops like Rock&Jazz Emporio, Pentagramma, La Discotheque and Ricordi: places canceled online (with its killer concept of being free even for music, see the first Napster) and competition from big chains like like the French Fnac, which then absorbed itself and was replaced by those Trony and Unieuro, in which the music products are now corner niche. The news of the recent closure of the Ventitré in Padua, 50 years after its birth, has reached our days, and Maurizio Boldrin, the owner, defined it as a fact “not economic, but age-related: All became too tiring“.

Lp, the trend that drives

The founder of Dischi Volanti, one of the Veneto’s historic brands in the sector, Scardovelli says: “I would be retired for three years, but if I go on vacation, I miss the shop.” It’s time for the music store today vinyl: if the CD is still on sale,lp This fashion that moves. “It’s back thanks to Record Store Day, which was born at the height of the US crisis in 2008, initiated by four Balengis who asked independent labels to print something special. Fifteen years have passed. Now there’s even a store like Hmv in London that sells only vinyls.” If you are printing too many records? “Things that you couldn’t find before or were out of stock are being printed like some old Lucio Dalla records: those who didn’t know them before discover some gems.”

Artists’ Choice

To be sure, the balance of power has shifted, and people like Scardovelli must be able to choose how much it copies order, for each artist, depending on whether we are talking about CDs or 33 rpm records. “I will use the best selling album of 2023 as an example, memento Mori from Depeche Mode: there are about fifty copies of the CD and about forty vinyl records. Also target they are coming weigh yourself. “The youth of today are asking for rap, One Direction, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey.” How much does the person behind the counter make? “On vinyl 35 euros, the average price, i.e. 3 or 4 euros left. On a CD for 19-20 euros you will save about one and a half euros. Money that you then use to pay expenses: employees, couriers, rights of return, fees. The job was challenging in the early 90s when Dischi Volanti opened and she difficult Today, over thirty years After. “I remember periods when I did not receive a salary because the store needed juices. Everyone is driven by a passion for music. I wish it was more supported.” In what sense? “In addition to the lack of cultural programming, there is also a political aspect: VAT is 23%, and the last person who tried to remove it was Walter Veltroni…”.


That’s where personal spring comes Mission. “The one that takes me 6 months of work to get an almost inaccessible edition Mellon Collie and Endless Sadness The Smashing Pumpkins, the one that makes me happy when I sell 50 copies of semi unknown artists like Lunatic Soul from Poland or Tienhi from Norway, distant cousins ​​of Sigur Ros.” All offers that the customer can intercept in the store. And strictly there. Because the only map that Scardovelli has removed Flying Saucers from is a virtual one. “THAT social shop i closed them every. I don’t care. There People needs to meet again“.

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