Vets in the LMP to influencer and pseudoaficionados for throwing beer


After the altercations in the first game of the semifinals between Yaquis of Ciudad Obregón and Deer of Mazatlán, in which fans of the tribe threw beers to the banking visitorthe Liga Mexicana del Pacífico (LMP) decided to punish the participants by denying them entry to the stadium, among them the influencer Maria Julissa Santacruz.

Through a press release, the agency reported that a group of eight “pseudoaficionados” threw beer at the dugout of Deer during the first duel, to whom the League was determined to prevent them from access to any of the 10 stages of the circuit for the remainder of this postseason and next season 2020-2021.

“These people were already boletinadas to the 10 organizations that make up the League, it is forbidden to enter the stadiums of the 10 places of the circuit, during the remainder of the current season and the next campaign, 2020-2021,” said the PML.