Vianney has changed his mind: the boss of the Enfoires, Anne Marcassus, makes a big announcement!


That’s it! After years of waiting, Vianney finally joins the Enfoires troupe this year.

” I support the Restos du cœur, but I wouldn’t be comfortable in this show. I prefer to devote myself to the Winter Solidarity association, marauding which helps the homeless in Paris. Every Sunday, I go to sleep with it. them. There is no camera and that’s fine. This is what Vianney had supported in the columns of the Parisian, in 2016. At the time, he did not want to join the troop of Enfoirés.

In 2019, however, the artist had taken a first step towards the collective. After Jean-Jacques Goldman, Gregoire or Soprano, he had signed the song “On trace” for the show of that year. Two years later, he’s ready to take the stage with the others!

His presence confirmed by the boss!

This is what we discovered at the Halle Tony Garnier, in Lyon, where the Enfoires 2021 show is recorded, between January 13 and 17. If this year, it is  Slimane who is responsible for composing the title “Now” which will be sung for the Restaurants, Vianney, he will be among the choristers. Anne Marcassus, the boss of the Enfoires confirmed it this week, in an interview with Progress.

“We have Vianney arriving this year” he assured. We know that Kev Adams is also among the new ones, who will sing alongside “Soprano, Zazie, Jean-Louis Aubert, Florent Pagny and all the others” who “will be there”, warns the producer. he also announces that Liane Folly will be the big absentee this year … We can’t have everything.