Viatris Pharmaceuticals and Sequirus Spain to Provide Influenza Vaccination to Madrid Community

Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmacists must source 80% of doses of flu vaccine from Madrid a week before event

this Madrid’s neighborhoods Already have a supplier vaccine be opposed to this influenza The coming winter of 2023.Awarded by the Madrid Regional Department of Health Viatris PharmaceuticalsSL (formerly Mylan Pharmaceuticals, SL) has Sekirus SpainTotal SL €18,902,000 (including VAT) Corresponding to two batches of influenza vaccine supply contracts.

ministry of health estimates More than 6 million and a half this dose Expected 2023-2024, as contained in the technical specifications of the seasonal influenza vaccine supplier selection framework agreement accessed for this figure.

Vaccination is recommended for pregnant women and the elderly.

Composition of the vaccine

Specifically, Viatris Pharmaceuticals won Lot 1 for an amount of 7,410,000 Euros (VAT included) and Seqirus Spain Lot 3 11,492,000 Euros, in both cases 4% VAT is included.The first shipment of inactivated vaccines to residents of the Autonomous Region of Madrid was made by Viruses grown in embryonated eggsof Virus divide or antigen surface (H and N) or analogs of hemagglutinin in 15 micrograms. In the case of batch 3, the same, and can have adjuvants or analogues (trivalent).

These contracts, even if unrelated, form part of the winning company’s revenue and are essential. Represents 50% to 100% of your results. In the case of Viatris Pharmaceuticals, for example, the company closes in 2022 with 20 more employees (out of a total of 317) and sales of more than 17 million euros, according to data from the commercial registry seen by this newspaper. right of use. Therefore, at the current vaccination campaign for 2023-2024, it will cover almost half of the total revenue in the past year.

Duration 4 months

The contract for the supply of influenza vaccines in Madrid will last for 4 months from the date of formal signing and will end on January 31, 2024. However, according to award documents, the term “Can be modified for epidemiological reasons». In fact, at last year’s event, the flu vaccination campaign ran until February 15.

The successful bidder commits to at least 80% of dose contract area usable at least with previous 7 calendar days When the vaccination campaign in Madrid begins.

vaccine distribution point

According to technical regulations, the following administrative departments and regions in Spain have the following seasonal influenza vaccine distribution points:

  • Aragon: 180
  • asturias:214
  • balearic islands: 120
  • Cantabria: 190
  • castile and leon:300
  • castilla la mancha:249
  • Community Valencia:500
  • Extremadura: 120
  • madrid:900
  • Murcia: 125
  • navarre:134
  • Rioja:43
  • Ceuta: 1
  • Melilla: 1
  • English: 1
  • International Association of Professionals:twenty
  • Ministry of Defense:40
  • Ministry of Health: 1

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