Vicente Fernández: this is how Alejandro Fernández and his family remembered him a month after his departure

Vicente does not agree with his son's life of excesses (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Vicente does not agree with his son’s life of excesses (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Vicente Fernández died on December 12 at the age of 81 old after spending just over four months in a hospital in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The famous interpreter of the Mexican regional entered the hospital due to a severe fall that he suffered inside his house, later he was diagnosed with the syndrome of Guillain barre.

Despite the favorable changes in his health, the singer and actor from Guadalajara left this world, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of his family, friends and thousands of fans. He was fired with honors at the Arena VFG and currently his remains rest inside his ranch The Three Foals.

This Wednesday afternoon marked a month of the unfortunate death of the Charro from Huentitan, which is why some of the members of the Fernández dynasty turned to their social networks to remember him with messages full of love. One of them was Alexander Fernandez, who posted a couple of emotional messages on his Instagram profile.

(Capture: @ alexoficial / Instagram)
(Capture: @ alexoficial / Instagram)

One month after your departure, we all continue to miss you! I love you boss. Vicente forever“, wrote. The Foal accompanied his text with a short video that he captured of a beautiful sunset that vanished into the water and set the audiovisual fragment to music with Smug swallow, a theme interpreted by don Chente.

Minutes later, the 50-year-old singer made a second post in honor of his father and, for this, he recovered some photographs from the trunk of memories. Alejandro began his visual speech with a postcard where he appeared in front of a window while looking outside, possibly directed his gaze to the place where the remains of the Charro from Huentitan or to some other area of ​​the ranch The Three Foals.

Alejandro Fernández continued with a photo that was captured at the exact moment when he joined his head with his father’s. The last two images traced him back to his childhood, in one of these he figured giving Vicente Fernández a kiss and in the other they were just looking at each other.

(Capture: @ alexoficial / Instagram)
(Capture: @ alexoficial / Instagram)

For those memories that we have stored in our hearts and make us smile when they come back to us and fill us with nostalgia”He wrote in his post.

Camila Fernandez, one of the twin daughters of the marriage between the interpreter of I set out to lose you and his ex-wife America GuinartHe also remembered his grandfather fondly. The also singer uploaded a video in her Instagram stories where Vicente Fernández appeared sitting on a large wooden chair while he delighted his relatives with his spectacular voice to the rhythm of I’m taking me.

The most handsome Sunday dress. That I envy heaven. A month without you”He wrote about the image. It should be remembered that Camila Fernández had a very close relationship with the patriarch of the dynasty, who fortunately had the opportunity to meet his daughter Cayetana.

(Capture: @ camifdzoficial / Instagram)
(Capture: @ camifdzoficial / Instagram)

On the other hand, yesterday afternoon a mass was held in honor of the Charro from Huentitan inside the ranch The Three Foals. Cuquita Abarca, the singer’s widow, was present at the emotional moment and was accompanied by her sons Vicente Fernández Jr. and Alejandra; Some of his grandchildren, family and friends were also present.

Maria Patricia Castaneda, Vicente Jr.’s ex-wife, remembered his father-in-law for about eight years in an interview that he gave for the Hoy program. The entertainment journalist said that Don Chente liked to eat a lot of sweets and was a charismatic and playful person, as he liked to joke with people he trusted.


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