Vicky Martín Berrocal surprises fans with toned abs at 50 while vacationing in Italy

the past year for Vicky Martin Bellocal It’s all a statement of intent.In the months since we spoke to her about her fitness revolution, her fiftieth birthday, and her decision to overhaul her habits to improve her health and shape, we confirm that she health plan continues (and will continue to) even on your vacation. The designer has been on a series of trips in recent weeks, in which she showed that despite enjoying a few days at the beach with her family, she hasn’t stopped short to continue her training and, of course, her diet. He even shared a photo with fans on Instagram in which he admitted that it was the first time he was showing off his cellulite without the complications.

This time, the famous lady forced us to write these words precisely because she left. shocked his fans Showing photos from her stay in Porto Cervo (Italy), she is wearing a beautiful chocolate brown dress with an asymmetrical neckline and cutouts on the side Part of her belly is exposed He already looked strong and fit.

Comments from his followers didn’t come long after they all wanted to praise him Vicky has undergone such a major physical change in the past year. The key to maintaining this state over time is perseverance, discipline, and a change in mindset. According to her own confession to us in the interview, she no longer feels that exercise is lazy, but she understands that it is a part of her daily life, and she cannot do without the satisfaction after exercise.

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