Victoria Beckham betrays her style with giant Crocs boots

Victoria Beckham in MSCHF Crocs, the latest in ugly shoes

Looking at Justin Bieber’s lavender Crocs, Victoria Beckham exclaimed, “I think I’d rather die.” It was 2021 and may have been the last time Bieber sent Beckham part of his Drew House line of unisex and sustainable fashion, but in recent years even the most die-hard aesthetes have had to give in to amphibious clogs. Designers like Demna have spent years rehabilitating the public image of a shoe once favored by kindergarten staff and nursing assistants, to the point where even Beckham seems to have ignored his own style codes.

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So, Victoria Beckham tucked her legs into a giant, calf-length iteration of the controversial slip-on. The Croot hippopotamus is the latest of the New York-based MSCHF collective creations of memes that have so far included a salt-grain-sized bag, Birkenstones made from re-assembled Hermès bags, and Nike sneakers created with Lil Nas X infused with blood (sadly famous satanic shoes). These shoes are also the culmination of a series of unusual summer shoes that Beckham has worn, from peep-toe boots to fishnet trousers.

Victoria Beckham and the wrong shoe theory

Perhaps the former Spice Girl put into practice the “wrong shoe theory”, according to which the choice of the most unexpected shoes to complete the look gives it more personality. And given that Beckham’s shoes have historically served oversized sunglasses and little black dresses, where each shoe was an experiment in balance, that could explain her penchant for the more offbeat side of things. It’s all part of the mythology that surrounds Beckham – the snob who refuses to smile because it would do the fashion community a disservice – but as seen here, Victoria Beckham’s sense of humor in Crocs boots is defiant and self-deprecating. big yellow crow.

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