Victoria Beckham dressed her daughter in law, Chloë Grace Moretz


The young actress reflects the good relationship that it maintains with the mother of Brooklyn through clothing

Everything seems to indicate that Chloë Grace Moretz takes extremely well with your mother-in-law, fashion designer Victoria Beckhamso it is as well that supports your brand of clothing. Recently, the bride of Brooklyn wore two sets, of the firm of Victoria, in the The Sundance Film Festival.

The pieces reflected perfectly the relaxed style and simple for the young star. In a talk about their films The Miseducation of Cameron Post and Outfest Queer Brunch, Chloë he wore a black shirt buttoned silk, black pants and shoes, gold heels.

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Later that day, the young man, 20 years old, wore a white shirt buttoned to a neck with ruffles, a black jacket, black pants tight and shiny high heels silver for the dinner gala Creative Coalition”s Spotlight Initiative Awards.

With a touch of red lipstick and hair in a bun, Moretz added a bit of much-needed color to his monochrome appearance.

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Of course, this is not the first time Moretz pays homage to its ‘mother-in-law’.

In 2017, the actress wore an outfit striped pink Victoria Beckham SS18 for the Awards Harpers Bazaar to the Women of the Year in London, and recently was also seen in Blighty with a trench coat marine blue designed by his mother-in-law.

In addition, their good relationship is reflected in the account of Instagram of Victoria. Last month posted a meme of his son Brooklyn to make fun of the star Kick Ass.

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[email protected] ¡¡what have you done !! ??? kisses x?, he wrote next to the image comparison Brooklyn.

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