Video : a tourist stops, the Maldives, to have worn a bikini


The scene, filmed on 6. February, has been making the tour with social networks. Cecilia Jastrzembska, a British 26-year-old was arrested in the Maldives, an island group in the Indian ocean is known for the application of Sharia law, because she wore a bikini.

“Are you just going to attack me, sexually”, cries the young woman, the images are plenty of consequences, the user, while the to try yourself in the clutches of three men, the handcuffs on him and cover your body with a towel.

“The incident”, as you referred to the head of the local police force in the island of Maafushi, and had such a radiance over the channel, the Commissioner, Mohamed Hameed has conceded that he was led to “bad”.

the police apologized, the circumstances remain unclear

“I want to apologize for what happened, not only for tourists but also for the public in General. One of our goals is the development of the best police and we are working on it,” he added.

The exact circumstances in relation to the interpellation of Cecilia Jastrzembska, however, remained for three days after the incident is still unclear.

After the first elements that the young woman arrested had been, to “indecent”, because of his clothes, but also because the police, according to local media, allegedly with the consumption of alcohol. At this time, his thing by the way, is still the subject of an investigation.

Furthermore, as the British newspaper The Daily Mailin the Maldives, the tourists can wear a bikini, but only in certain places, dedicated to a rule in an area, to hotels, and to this day, it is still not clear where the video was just shot.

Whatever it is, it could be that the little awareness of the Cecilia Jastrzembska has something the authorities maldiviennes were played the map call, because tourism is very important for the economy of the country.

Investments in the different programmes of the reality tv

Cecilia Jastrzembska, which does not hesitate to themselves as “Advisor-parliamentary” under the house although this information has not been confirmed, is especially known for participating in several tv reality, in particular the British version of Ninja Warrior.

On the part of the British authorities, like that of most European countries, the rates of the people, adhere to the Maldives strictly “the traditions, customs and local laws”, at any time.

Tips, common sense, not to avoid, but not always, the attacks against foreigners occur.

Sunday, 9. February, shows to The Daily Mail, the British foreign office has warned of a special “vigilance” with regard to the Maldives, after an assault with a knife perpetrated against foreigners on the island of Meedhupparu.