[Video] Anticipate Tlaxcala measures to tackle Phase 3 of the Coronavirus


The state government will advance the implementation of health measures of Phase 3 of the Covid-19, whose arrival is imminent, to stop the speed of contagion and the number of positive cases reported to the governor, Marco Antonio Mena Rodriguez.

Leading the charge Board meeting State Coordination against the Coronavirus, the owner of the local Executive stressed that Tlaxcala, to implement measures from Phase 2 when it’s still not starting, won time, approximately two weeks, in order to delay arrival of the virus.

In fact, he compared that while in the country the arrival of Phase 3 will be approximately 2 weeks, in Tlaxcala will come to the end of April.

In the meeting attended by almost all the municipal presidents stressed that this time will allow for a reaction effective, and that the intention is to have a smaller number of contagion, and in consequence that few people require hospitalization or intensive therapy.

However, it argued that no sanitary measure works without the participation of the public, those who must take seriously the topic and beyond the social distancing, to practice isolation.

After recognizing the collaboration of the municĂ­pes, the contractor shall state asked the authorities to work together to make the citizenship aware of the gravity of the situation and of the potential risk when it comes to massive events, especially because at the moment there is no cure for the Coronavirus, and because a person can infect 100 more.

The Government secretary, Jose Aaron Perez Car, was tasked to recommend to the municipal presidents to deny any kind of permissions for the holidays (closure of streets and public safety) and reprogram those legal acts (such as weddings), so that the citizens may not be able to make parties, to become events that bring together tens and even hundreds of people.

He insisted on the suspension of mass public events of any kind and monitor the closure of facilities that congregate people, such as bars and dens.

In their opportunity, the head of the ministry of Health in Tlaxcala, Rene Lima-Morales, explained that it is impossible to avoid the contamination of Covid-19 in the entity, but said that yes, they can prevent the spread it to thousands of people, a situation that in any health system would be unmanageable.

  • With information Moses Morales | The Sun of Tlaxcala

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