Video: Beyoncé Appears in the Selena Quintanilla Series on Netflix, but Did They Really Meet?

Selena Quintanilla and Beyoncé | Getty Images

The Netflix series about Selena Quintanilla showed a meeting between the Queen of Tex-Mex and a Beyoncé before she became famous and fans wonder if this meeting happened in real life

Selena Quintanilla is an icon of Latin music in the United States. Despite her departure, the queen of Tex-Mex is still alive in the hearts of the public for her songs that remain as her legacy. Netflix recently released the second part of the star’s series.

The production recounts the life of Selena and everything she lived to reach the peak of success. In this second part of the series, there is an encounter that is giving a lot to talk about. Without any context, a young woman appears in the sixth chapter of the second part and crosses paths with Selena.

Selena, who was shopping at the Galleria mall in Houston, Texas, has an encounter with a young Beyoncé. It is assumed that this cross between the two happened long before Beyoncé was part of the  Destiny’s Child group that launched her to international fame. Beyoncé appears with her mother Tina and her younger sister  Solange Knowles.

Beyoncé recognizes Selena and greets her. In the scene, the mother asks Beyoncé who the girl was and Beyoncé tells her that it was Selena, a famous singer. Tina encourages her daughter to tell Selena that she is a singer but Beyoncé does nothing but be stunned by the presence of the interpreter of “Forbidden Love.”

Did Beyoncé really meet Selena Quintanilla?

The question that everyone has asked is if it was true that Beyoncé and Selena met and it seems that this fact is based on real life. The “Crazy In Love” singer recounted the brief encounter she had with Selena in an interview with MTV tr3s.

“I did meet Selena at the Galleria in Houston but I didn’t tell Selena much why she wasn’t a celebrity,” the singer confessed. “I just saw her, greeted her and we continued.”

Beyoncé credits Selena’s music with helping her sing in Spanish when she recorded various songs like Irremplazable ”and her duet with  Alejandro Fernández,“ Amor Gitano ”.

“Living in Texas, I listened to her on the radio and listening to her album, even though I didn’t know what she was singing exactly, it helped me in the study with my pronunciation,” revealed the star.

Finally, Beyoncé said that Selena was a “legend” and looked up to her a lot.

And she was very talented. I’m very happy that I got to meet her even though she didn’t know who I was. I am still excited to know that I had that opportunity, “he added.