Video clip of Sebastián Yatra and Cristiano Ronaldo surprises

The song “Energía bacana” released by Sebastián Yatra has caused a stir on social networks.

Sebastian Yatra premiered the song “cold energy” This caused a stir on social networks because it was the debut of model Georgina Rodríguez in a music video and the clip also featured the Spanish woman’s partner, footballer Cristiano Cristiano Ronaldo makes a cameo appearance.

The video clip for “Energía bacana” features Georgina Rodríguez, showcasing her versatility by singing, dancing and displaying a range of impressive looks. The model, best known as the girlfriend of football star Cristiano Ronaldo, appeared to be enjoying a lavish party in a mansion with a large swimming pool.

One of the special features of the project is that Georgina was able to share the scene with “Las Queridas”, her inseparable group of friends including Elena Pina, Julia MM Salmeán ), Iván García and Mamen Morales, as well as her personal trainer Soraya Álvarez.

Sebastian Atela winks at Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner

In the video, singer Sebastián Yatra does not hesitate to wink at the special relationship between Georgina and her friends in one of the song’s verses, singing: “You have no friends , you have sisters.”

The biggest surprise in the video clip is the unexpected appearance of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese star twice learned “Energía bacana” while Georgina watched the movie with her dog in her home theater room. The scene, which previously featured in the model’s reality show I Am Georgina on Netflix, has been incorporated into the video clip to give it a special touch.


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The clip caused a stir on social networks and became a trend on YouTube, with nearly 500,000 views within hours of its first broadcast.

Sebastián Yatra expresses his excitement about directing Georgina Rodríguez’s first video clip, while fans praise the model’s look in the video Energy and style.


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