VIDEO Discover the incredible clip bikini, Agathe Lecaron with your girls-band Quanta


In 2006, Agathe Lecaron sang in girls band Quanta. At the time wanted to you, that each one opens his heart. Invited, this Sunday in The children’s tv presenter would have preferred if the whole world closes its eyes.

“That’s not part of my career, I am more proud of,”. Agathe LecaronThe 46-year-old had to expect that the teams of Laurent ruquier, was, were, do not miss this little gem. A bit like the Bamba Sad by Pierre Billon, the title Open your heart not very successfully at the output. But thanks to the magic of the Internet, there is the danger, quickly became a cult. In 2006, star The house of the kindergartens tried to get into the music with three other Belgian hostesses : Sandrine Corman, Nancy Sinatra (not to be confused with the daughter of Frank Sinatra) and Bérénice.

The Quartet was with the name Quanta and bot of the world-a title for the anthology and, especially, a clip that always puts in the fix, Agathe Lecaron. Invited, on Sunday, may 8. March to the game plan of the Children’s televisionthe presenter of the France 5 is not something else than a simple bikini had seen, and these images, taken in a corner of Paradise, and, where this is not the embêtait not carry. She spoke then “piece of happiness that you can share easily “. Tonight Agathe Lecaron is very disturbed, divided “piece of happiness “ with the viewers of France 2.

Agathe Lecaron bikini, it is compared to Catherine Deneuve

“It is not honest, this is very good ! No, there is not to be ashamed of, I swear “presented by Laurent ruquier was the return of coffee. Agathe Lecaron, was far less enthusiastic and has seen that his “hair of the poodle “his “open your eyes! “ and at his side “half-naked “. But in any case, the presenter was convincing the world this evening, as Daniela Lumbroso, the launched : “She looks like Deneuve in The Wild (the film of Jean-Paul Rappeneau released in the year 1975, editor’s note.) “. “It is the most beautiful day of my life “the conclusion , Agathe Lecaron. Like, what if one opens his heart…