Video. Dressed in a bikini: a tourist, English is experiencing an interpellation muscled in the Maldives


By Lamiae Belhaj Soulami the 13/02/2020 to 07h42

Bikini in the Maldives

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A video shows the arrest of a tourist from the English of 26 years, the Maldives has made the rounds of the social networks. The blogger wore a bikini, outside of the places where it is allowed.

Alerted by a resident of the archipelago, the police rushed to the arrest of a young woman who was in a bikini, drunk advanced.

Filmed by witnesses, the video of the arrest is muscled, quickly became viral. The users have heavily criticized the police officers.

Muslim country, the Maldives allow for the wearing of bathing suits in sets, hoteliers and private beaches, only. No one has the right to go for a walk and in a bikini in the areas in which the residents.

To defend against this interpellation, the tourist stopped screaming, “me agressez sexually” to other police officers.

After the dissemination of the images of the arrest, the local authorities have published soon an official statement to explain the context of the incident. The tourists, who were dressed was inappropriate and possibly drunk, refused to obey, and the opposite of resistance. What led to his arrest. She was finally released two hours later, without law enforcement,” reads the press release. This also calls the tourists to respect the cultural sensitivities of the community and local regulations. But excuse me, have also been expressed by the authorities for the arrest disprortionnée”.

The opinions of Internet users apart. Some expressed their outrage and called for a boycott of the archipelago ultra-touristy. While others are of the opinion that the problem of tourists who do not respect the cultures of the countries you visit, with the publication of the video, the only evidence of a lack of respect of the tourists in question to the police.

Of Lamiae Belhaj Soulami